Men's Oxford T-shirt – a lot of history

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Maybe there's a man's oxford shirt or two in the closet. Still, do you really know the history behind the shirts? Not all t-shirts or weaves are in history like men's oxford shirts, so it's great to know a little about history when it's available.

The man's Oxford T-shirt material used up to the 19th century. The material has a distinctive pattern. It looks like a basket weave. Even today, a lot of clothes were made of the old oxford dress

. During the century there was a Scottish mill that used cotton fabric for cotton. It's just one of the different ingots that have been named after a famous university. It was received at the University of Oxford. Among the other three universities are Yale, Harvard and Cambridge.

Both synthetic and cotton fabrics are used today to make oxford dresses. In fact, you find more than a man's oxford shirt made of this fabric. It is often found in sportswear, women's shirts and even skirts.

Oxford fabric has some unique features. We take two fine yarns and weave them into a yarn that is harder to fabricate. In many cases, heavier yarns are different in color than finer yarns. This contrast color ensures a unique pattern of oxford cloth.

It may be interesting that the men's oxford shirts were worn for a while by polo players. It was not until T-shirts were introduced by Rene Lacoste in the 1930s that the polo players had abandoned Oxford T-shirts.

There are several different types of oxford dress available. You can address the Royal Oxford dress and the Oxford dress. Both options are lighter than the usual dress, and they use finer yarns. Now that you know a bit about the men behind Oxford shirts (19459004), there is something to think about when one of these shirts is in your closet.

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