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T-shirt or "Shirtings", as they are called in the industry, come in a variety of weaving styles. They are made of layers, the most common are cotton. The name of most substances refers to the particular method in which the base fibers were woven. We will not enter here, but make sure that the thickness and the characteristics of the cotton fiber are formed (shape, purity, length) in determining the quality and functioning of the entire product.

Oxford Fabric

Oxford dress is the heaviest shirt; yet soft and comfortable. An occasional fabric, of course, can be found in the button collar shirt, but it is perfectly acceptable in the USA for most business occasions. The color and patterned Oxford shirts had only one thread in the same direction, the other fibers remained white. This gives a basket cloth, which means that the fabric sewing and weaving threads cross each other in pairs. It has a characteristic textured look (which gives a pleasant feeling). The pinpoint oxford weaves just like the finer yarn and is smoother and more formal. The Royal Oxford is even finer and fits perfectly into a delicate woolen suit and expensive necktie.

Poplin Fabric

Poplin carries a smoother texture than Oxford but has a similar weight. It comes from a fine yarn that runs unidirectionally, thicker. The T-shirt T-shirt is soft and comfortable, often in casual shirts. The colors can be felt here at home, and they are especially sporty.

Twill Fabric

The cotton twill is sleek, diagonal woven and produces rich textured shirts that are still considered as professional attire. In the fishbowl, the diagonal direction moves back and forth for every quarter so the tissue becomes deeper. When we make the occasion to the usual solid shirt, twill plays the role of gentleness, creating textures, and detailing details.

Tape Fabric

The wide-banded shirt fabric of a woven is very similar to the underwear, except for more densely packed, one of the most formal shirts in the daily wear. The end-on-end canvas layer is that the interwoven color of the alternating fibers in the visual texture is so subtle that its arm looks solid in the long run. Thanks to the woven weave, this dress shows a sophisticated precision pattern.

End on canvas

Simple embossed weave, this fabric is traditionally white with a different color to create a fine control effect and texture. Occasionally, two colors are used to create a "double shot". The liberal use of the pattern and the eye-pleasing woven fabric make this fabric as casual wear, but with the right collar and neckline this fabric is also found in the most conservative banker box

Formal Shirt Fabrics

Formal Shirt White Piqué Cotton rich, woven texture. This is the only shirt that matches the black tie or the white tie and is not suitable for anything else. You will know this text with the subtlety of your fabric, the lack of visible pattern, and the smoothness of feeling.

Cotton Versus Mixtures – Discussion Continues

In addition to pure cotton, the above fabrics are also found in cotton / artificial fiber mixtures. The advantages and disadvantages of many, but in my opinion there is no right or wrong answer. All this depends on what you need and how price sensitive you are. We also notice that mixtures have a wide variety of percentages, and sometimes more than two types of fibers are mixed. The 90% cotton shirt has very different qualities, only 40% cotton is made.

Cotton T-Shirt Good – Cotton is a breathable and good thermal conductor (high through the hot climates) It is very attractive, natural and cotton is the standard with which other fabric fabrics are judged.

Cotton-cotton wrinkles are easy, they generally lose heat quickly and cotton is susceptible to mold and acid / bleach damage.

Blended Shirt Fabrics

Good – Mixtures are often wrinkly, cheaper, beautiful looking and warmer than a 100% cotton shirt.

Wrong – Too many people producing fiber in a fabric may not be breathable and therefore uncomfortable wearing a hot day or in conditions where you sweat. They may also look bright and more susceptible to iron damage.


This article is just the beginning. It is important for a man to have a basis in the art of his classical style. What you wear is covered by 90% of your body, and what most people use, judge who you are. In the world of presentations, appearances are essential for successful interaction with other

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