Mobile car wash market opportunities in California

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The current lack of industry leaders is an exceptional opportunity for a large and organized car wash company to reach regional domination and ultimately dominate the Southern California car wash market. The best place to launch a regional attack on this market would concentrate on North and West Los Angeles; Chatsworth and Simi Valley in Malibu and Tarzana in Santa Barbara. Having won these relatively competitive markets in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and the constant city-by-city methodology dominated by the San Bernardino counties. From here, the company has to join the neighboring regions and the Sun zone countries. By creating all areas beside an existing area, brick bricks build an imperceptible wall to prevent competitors. Using satellite offices, you can quickly build a wall when you're connecting each area. As a result, we reach regional and ultimately national identity recognition and achieve other long-term goals.

The Market Description

This experiment requires the Society to have satin offices in the three states of the West, including Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and Reno. At the same time, the company has to focus more efforts in the Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties. California should be the most important, and rightly so, with over 30 million registered vehicles. Other state operations remain small enough, but they need to get the state of the federal trademark (interstate commerce required) and be a viable starting point for massive rapid deployment when the time comes. In California, it would be important to reign in the markets of the following cities:








Simi Valley


Woodland Hills




had some units and a manager there. Although there is little or no competition in these cities, it would be far too insignificant to say that we dominate the following areas:

Van Nuys


San Diego



Reno NV

Las Vegas, NV

When setting up personnel in new areas, a marketing scout has to fly over the city and need large fleet parks, large industrial centers and expensive residential areas. By first securing large truck fleets, the new operation can be quickly calculated. Then they should look for retail outlets close to expensive homes and offer their services so that owners can easily store them. When the shopkeepers' car was washed, they would contact the parking lot of buyers and go home to buy more cars.

The size and trends of the market

California is very large, and currently is between 950 and 1998 from San Diego to San Francisco. Finally, as the idea catches, there may be as many units as possible. Our experience in many cities is that if this type of car wash becomes an accepted method, everyone starts to use it, it is very similar to Domino's pizza in the early 1980's. During the last recession, many small time service providers canceled their business while only a few of them expanded. General Costs decreased in the following areas:


Cost of New Equipment


Advertising and Printing Costs

Paging And Dispatch Service

Bedding Service

There is a 20% reduction in gross profit during the next transition period, while the cost of mobile car wash costs is reduced by 30%. For average staff, this is only about 10-15% of your daily gross income, or $ 40-50 a day. During this time, it would be advisable for the company to promote and market on a much lower level basis to offset losses by car dealer fundraisers for nonprofit organizations and schools. When the economy returns to California by the end of the next business cycle, the mobile car wash company's strategy must be ready for a quick upward lift. California has the world's largest fleet of fleets, including some of the following fleets:

Vons Food Chain (the world's largest lorry fleet responsible for delivering its own product) – El Monte, CA [19659002] Ryder Transportation Systems (19659002) California Highway Patrol

USPS (multiple postal jeeps, just like anywhere else in the country)

Federal Express (more than one truck van) CA (as anywhere else in the world)

Transport companies (300+ only in the Los Angeles area)

gas and cable franchises (only 50,000+ vehicles)

Although in the economic recession, mobile car washing operation has the advantage and can experience phenomenal growth more than three times. As the California economy improves after the downturn in the future, you can access revenue from each sales outlet, thus ensuring the necessary cash flow to expand on the market. The mobile car wash sector manages the local economy for six months because it manages the disposable income of its clients and the amount of cash in his pocket. As this amount of money rises, you are willing to spend it. As average car washing is around $ 10, people can better buy these services if less money is available than a $ 200 microwave. Since their pocket money (disposable money) is increasing, they spend more money on this money; this increases the killing rate of operating units from 40% to 60% to 80%. (Kill ratio = the number of people in ten when asked, choose to wash your car, 10 out of 10 by 40%.)

Any company should think about the weather and love of California cars as the starting point.

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