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When I grew up in the 80's, my first introduction to hip-hop … Well, I can not remember the first but remember the selection of styles, artists, music and movies that I knew before hip-hop , what was "hip-hop".

This underground culture was launched in 1984 when I saw the movies "Beat Street" and "Breakin". First, hip-hop was the break dance and wore the things I saw break dancers on the TV, mostly black spiky leather wrist bands, black leather gloves with fingers cut off and Puma or Adidas shoes. The shirts and pants at this time were not important because you saw me growing up in the Bahamas and went to a private school that was the main venue to express this new hip hop. And in a private school we had to wear uniforms. [5] In grade 5, my friends and I set up a break dancing staff and practiced, choreographed, and fought at lunch or school with the other fifth class staff while waiting for our expectation from our parents.

We're rapped. Some of us did, and I remember a real speech that I wrote, which was a poem, and a bit (one line) was stolen from another rap song I heard. That's how I knew what a "bite" was and I was not too proud of myself after someone pointed to me. But damn it, I was like 9 years old. The first rap I mentioned earlier came from the aforementioned cinemas and the first live rap performance was Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff before they were famous.

As kids, we were delighted with this new hip-hop culture and loved it all.

Then the hip hop started to lower it a bit, at least in my eyes and in the eyes of many. The RunDMC began to lose its reputation and LL Cool J moved up and down. The Gang Rap rap grew, people stopped the broken dance. Hip Hop has turned into fun jockeys, dancing to hard sex, and violence, and the only way to express myself is through my clothes – as I dressed and in many ways my friends and I were like gangsters. Everything about Nike, hooded sweaters, jeans and shoes. It's like a gangster, dressed like a gangster. What happened to hip-hop? this has changed. Now we know it always changes. The music was good, but it was different. She determined our attitude. Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh handed the way to NWA who went to Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dog – Chronic incense weed, sex, disgruntled women, and dope beat tight lyrics – tight, explicit lyrics. I do not remember gypsy words in the early days of hip hop – we can seriously repeat the line without f ***, b ****, s *** or n ****. Jay Z, Puff daddy and Biggie rose to starvation representing the east coast. 2 Pac, Dr. Dre, Death Row, Snoop Doggy Dog in the West. Then the Eastern Region versus western party rivalry, which was supposed to be the largest and greatest rap battle and dance, ended with the deaths of the two biggest rapstars.

Hip Hip costume came to a whole new level when the rap stars became fashion entrepreneurs. Diddy took Jay Z hip hop fashion and lifted 100 throws. They introduced ultra-cool, elegant clothes, which are a bit on the expensive side. So we know that now that we can not rap or dance, we are now able to express ourselves – through our hip hop equipment.

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