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Netball is extremely unusual as it is a woman's dominant sport. Almost every other sporty, sporty game is played by men. The professional football teams, rugby teams, basketball teams, polo teams … both men play. Although women's football teams and rugby teams play professionally, all major teams are just men. Netball came from basketball in the 1890s and used basketball chairmen to get the ball through a ring. However, unlike basketball, players can not reverse the ball and run with it, throwing the ball from the player to the player. Each team has seven players and teams get points at every point when the ball is awarded through the ring.

Netball is a popular sport in schools and in many girls' schools there is a netball team competing with other school teams. Since it is predominantly female sports, the netball set is very different from other sporting goods. A typical netball kit includes a netball skirt or dress, or even necklace, a skirt and shorts combination, which is very practical while maintaining the appearance of the traditional netball uniform. Netball players are sometimes wary of indicating which team they are in. They are available in a variety of styles, such as tanks, pulse tops, trousers, long sleeve trousers, warm t-shirts and classic t-shirts. Netball bibs are also available. These are colorful sleeveless fingers that wear the team's netball uniforms.

Netball shoes must support, be light and comfortable. A good quality netball show is worth investing as it takes longer to help improve player performance. Any inconvenience in the legs is likely to hamper the movement of athletes and the players' abilities during sports

Netball uniforms are available from a number of sports designers and suppliers, different styles, sizes and labels. You can buy netball uniforms from tags such as Nike, Ellesse, Adidas and more. A good quality netball uniform is hard, breathable, comfortable and does not restrict movement. These are important factors for any sports set as athletes need to be comfortable in their clothing and for practical and safety purposes without shirts, skirts, and shorts. Netball sets can be ordered from online sports supplier suppliers with the name and logo of the netball team.

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