Nike Foamposite shoes – a final choice for basketball fans

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When talking about professional sports shoes built with the latest technology, this is the Nike brand, which is often insane. Especially if you are a basketball fan you can not beat Nike Foamposite shoes that are the best basketball technology.

This collection is one of the most successful and popular form of basketball wear. Foamposite One was the first shoe to be played by famous American basketball player Penny Hardaway. Then these shoes became popular and basketball enthusiasts became the hot sellers. With the brilliant recognition of the style and technology of the shoes, Nike has launched the next edition, Foamposite Pro, which is the latest version of the series.

Ever since Nike launched this collection; This new, innovative line has proven to be faith, and has been introduced by color matching to suit all tastes. The technology associated with this type of shoe carries a balanced combination of comfort and performance with synthetic leather that has the upper part of the shoe and a clear rubber sole that provides extra grip. This shoe base features a zoom air lower unit for better padding, and the rubber outsole provides greater adhesion to the hardwood.

Undoubtedly, Nike has again proved itself in the light segment of shoes, along with the new Foamposite Lite collection. Designed exclusively for basketball champions, the city offers the highest level of flexibility, support and ventilation. This basketball shoe has a polyurethane surface over synthetic protective cover. The inner net you see offers greater comfort and greater security. In addition, the thickness of the foam is such that it reduces the overall weight of the shoe and provides greater strength during play.

What could be more appealing and more appropriate than Nike Foamposite shoes for the ultimate basketball fans and shoe heads? Nike's powerful trendy cities, the mix of unusual colors, the fabulous range of products and the advanced technology in almost every series, make Nike a lot more choice for athletic foot. Whether this is a sporty guy from professional sophisticated shoes or just a man who is looking for graceful, yet fashionable shoes – Nike has it all.

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