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Nothing changed the sneakerheads. As we all know, Nike is still the king of basketball. There is a good reason why we are a basketball martial arts player on the global market. Nike is nothing but innovation and technology. In the past few years, all of the basketball shoes community has risen. They picked up their latest and greatest shoe technology, such as Nike Hyperfuse. This innovative new technology is used in Hyper "basketball shoes as Hyperdunks, Hyperfuses and Hyperballers, Used in the New Air Jordan Q. Also, their basketball players with Hyperfuse technology appear to have multiple models

What is Hyperfuse technology, (synthetic material, mesh, and TPU film), which are subject to intense heat, all of which are known as Nike Hyperfuse.The combination of the three different elements is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the upper part In addition, Hyperfuse has a netting that is used in the upper part of the shoe, which allows it to be used by a baller in a shoe.from the middle part of the foot through air streams, the part that builds the highest heat during the activity. There are many advantages to this technology.

Thanks to the stability and durability of Hyperfuse, the maximum cushioning and breathability are two great benefits this innovative technology provides. This allows breathing and light sensation. Very few basketball shoes allow the stability and ease of performance of the Nike "Hyper" series. In addition, shoes on the market do not have the "breathability" that basketball shoes are with Nike Hyperfuse.

This new, innovative design was created by Nike designers, Shane Kohatsu and Fred Dojan. On a Chinese trip, the two genuine colleagues raised Hyperfuse's idea by watching China's ball games in China. Creating durable shoes on outdoor paths was just one mission. The other was to create a shoe that would allow the heated heat during the intensive game to leak. As a result of their efforts, basketball shoes have been revolutionized. Hyperfuse took over the sneaker world because of the storm. And it looks like all intentions and goals, Nike is still the dominant champion of high-performance basketball players.

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