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Back when I was 11 years old, I thought JJB Sports had the only sport brand: Adidas, Nike and Reebok. Not true. Andy Murray sport Fred Perry, the welsh rugby team between Under Armor and Portsmouth FC, is wearing Canterbury kits. The truth is that this completely invented, holy Trinity brand has replaced the new generation of sportswear.

For me, I became a trainee. I bought a tennis match when a program appeared on radio 2 on the rise of the word "chav". The urban glossary is described as "the wee in one hand, the jewelery in the other," resides around the "Imitation of Adidas Training Clothes". This is complemented by television programs such as Channel 4 Shameless, and thanks to characters such as Mickey Maguire that the dressing room is an innocent piece of the 1980's and is responsible for crimes and fights for others.

Today, the most heartbeat of the market, the trademark of Adidas, has replaced branded clothing such as Canterbury, Under Armor and Kukri. Homoerotic, super-skin-tight base layers are the main culprits. It seems that the size is too small, so many athletes wear them warm and in contact with "protection". the "necessity" of every sport. The typical Premier League footballer is no longer aware of Newcastle Northern Shore Excursions over a winter night.

European imports from Spain, Portugal, France, now have a long-sleeved polar neck and base layer to be warm. But some players would take it too far. In 2005, Ryan Giggs played black pantyhose to "protect his stockings" against Manchester City. This will not help re-enforce that football is a male game, but rather a "dress up" is the main brands of their own Barbie dolls, I'm sorry football players. However, these new generation brands such as Canterbury, that do not have their arsenal, ahem, with their outfits, have restored a certain order.

Instead of ticking university stereotypes, if you have Jack Will's top, there's Canterbury tracky, you go to public school, and so on. Many others like football players and ice hockey players are like buying such clothes. Do you like rugby players or not.

Joel Girling

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