Paintball accessories and gestures that won't look like a Noob

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Paintball needs to know much more than to know how to target a paintball gun. Most veterans are happy to help a newborn baby who is eager to learn, but there are some faux pas that could get the "noob" nickname, suggesting that he is an overcrowded greenhorn who forgets to check his ego at the door. Find the respect of paintballers by following these tips:

Physical Activity Expected
Move! Paintball requires extensive running, ducking, squatting, squatting and gestures that have no verbal equivalent. A slow moving target is splashed with paint, so make sure the soil is running. At the same time, you should be warned of the signaling of the teams, indicating that it is time to freeze.

Become a Team Player
The biggest sign of Noob is loaded into the field as Lone Ranger. Every successful paintball game focuses on a well-coordinated team. On the battlefield, opponents shout the commands and comments that you and your teams have to answer. Another way to show that a team player is to meet the demands of his teammates. If you are invited to discover it, you need to monitor and shoot in places where your opponent is likely to appear.

Get the right Paintball equipment and learn how to use it
The right paintball pistol (or marker), paintball accessories, protective clothing and paintballs distinguish experienced players from noobs. Before you look at a collection of cheap shop ball guns, rent weapons from a paintball facility or rent weapons from your friends. Ask the veteran to show you how to dismantle, clean and assemble the paintball gun. If you already have experience with the paintball gun, you will have a better idea of ​​whether the paintball marker package and the pressure system are right for you.

Pack Enough Power
Don't be the guy who has to get out of the air with his arms because he has run out of compressed air or Co2. Make sure you have plenty of firepower in the game.

Remember: Fresh Best
Did you know that bullets can go wrong? This is because the exterior of the paintball is made of a rapidly deteriorating material, gelatin, which is soft enough to happen when it reaches the target, but strong enough to stick through a marker. The old balloons exposed to moisture swell. Always use fresh balls.

Wearing Proper Protective Equipment
Tasty paintball players know that clothes don't hurt the paint. A protective vest is also needed; elbow, knee and shoe pads; and paintball glasses or mask. Never turn off your defense after turning on your protective gear.

Just because you are a paintball newborn doesn't mean that it looks like one. The best way to show you what to expect is that it must be simple: be ready, safe, willing to learn, and need time.

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