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Janine is proud owner of a retail store on the edge of the famous New Jersey coast. From all vintage clothing to vinyl records, it sells refurbished home decorations and furniture. As a small entrepreneur, Janine has been learning to import and distribute a retail store for nearly five years in order to get a successful business. Today she opens her doors to provide scenes behind our business.

Displays a theme in every corner of the sales floor. One corner is music, the other is clothing and accessories. In the third corner, furnishings and furnishings are displayed. The fourth corner is a separate chapter that includes books, stationery, gift baskets, and more. The center of the store is like a cafe, without food or drink. There are six tables set up where every morning you put the daily newspaper, some magazines and all the interesting books you've just finished.

"When I opened the shop, I did not want to be normal." I wanted a place where people could meet to talk about news or about sports. "Janine says," In every part of the social media, we know that people are still interested in face-to-face, old-fashioned conversations. "

Janine received advice from Uncle Dan who had closed the shoe shop for 45 years

Taking this into account, Janine ensured that the display window would stand out for potential customers. "

" Uncle Dan taught me to have a lot of patience and commitment in a shop. "His business is sitting on a street with a large street. He changes the display window every two weeks so it will never be boring and interesting

Another advice that Janine has undertaken has been valuable to her business. "Uncle Dan said business would only be alive if customers came back, then refer to their friends again. "

In order for customers to come back, Janine bought a Zebra print "I actually got the idea of ​​someone who attributes a winery, all the customers who get a card through the door and come back at any time, get the point with this card, I do the same thing here."

Janine searched for a printer on the Internet to make cards because he did not want to hire anyone to do the job for him. He chose the Zebra printer because it was small, not bulky. – Behind the desk you can not look sore, small and light.

According to Janine, customers with loyalty cards store the most in the store. "Everyone gets the ID with their card, and for some reason that makes them feel special. I guess that's because it shows I keep things safe and some do not even have the cards." Janine wants me to its store is a classic mother-and-pop feel and is unwilling to create a website and does not do online marketing. "I'm just 25 years old, so I do not like it I do not understand the technology.

Janine was asked if he thinks that his marketing tactic is about airplane missions, newspaper ads, and mouth. Answer: "So far good."

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