Promotion for "Over the Line" and "Under the Line"

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The promotion is loosely categorized "over the line" and "underline" promotion. In mass media such as television, radio, newspapers, etc. Promoted promotional activities are beyond the line promotion.

Under-the-line promotion or communication is not media communication, media advertising. The upcoming promotions become more and more important with the communication mix of many companies not only in food products but also in industrial products.

Some ways of BTL (under-line) promotions offer sponsorships, PRs, and sales actions such as the release of goods for free circulation, trade concessions for merchants and customers, the sale of products at a lower price, coupons to be offered later, etc.

LINE SALES PROMOTION [19659002] Line sales promotions are short-term incentives that are largely aimed at consumers. The marketing team with increasing pressure to reach communication goals more efficiently in a limited budget needed to know more efficiently and cost-effective ways to communicate with target markets. This has led to changes from regular media ads.

Determination of line-in-line sales promotion by Hugh Davidson:

"Instant or delayed incentive in cash or in nature for a purchase and only for short-term or temporary duration."

Under the Line Sales Promotion Methods

1. Price Promotions

Price promotions are generally known as "discounts". They can be implemented in two ways:

(1) A discount for a normal selling price for a product or

(2) A large part of the product at a standard price

. negative effect by doubling the reputation of the brand or only with a temporary selling shock (under the discounts) and after discounting the discount

. Coupons

Coupons are another, very versatile, discounted way. Please take into consideration the following examples of how to use coupons:

– For a repetitive purchase incentive

– Coupons sent in newsletters that allow customers to redeem a coupon at a retailer

– coupon coupon as part of an ad

Revenue Back

The most important goal of coupon promotion is to maximize the redemption rate – this is the proportion of customers actually using the coupon.

Must be secured when the company uses coupons to provide retailers with sufficient inventory to avoid customer delusions.

Coupon promotions are often the most suitable for new products or possibly encouraging sales of slowing existing products. Gift with Shopping

"Gift with Shopping" is a very popular promotional technique. In this system, customers receive some extra value along with their purchased goods. It is best suited for

– Subscription Products (such as Magazines)

– Consumer luxury goods (eg perfumes)

4. Competitions and Awards

This is an important tool to increase brand awareness among the target audience. Use this to increase sales for a temporary period and ensure that you use it for the first time

. Money Backup

Here, the customer receives the refund of the money to the manufacturer after submitting the proof of purchase.

Customers sometimes feel suspicious of these systems – especially if the method of obtaining a refund seems unusual or cumbersome. Frequent user / loyalty incentives

Encouraging repeated purchases is made through frequent user incentives. Perhaps the best examples are airlines, train companies, car rental companies, etc. Used by a number of common flyers or user systems.

7th Show Sales Locations

Changing buying habits in metropolitan cities change. People like big retail stores such as the Big Bazaar in local kira stores. Most purchasing decisions were made on the basis of sales outlets on retail outlets.


Most of the major brands follow the suit of BTL promotion because they are rising

Some interesting examples:

Most educational institutions such as career starters, PT has informative workshops and free tests for students, which are a direct link between these institutes with the target audience and thus a suitable platform to sell themselves.

Ringtones and music videos help mobile entertainment in the entertainment industry to promote a music video or movie at a dirty cheap price

Various companies sponsor sports events to popularize their brand, but today media companies such as the Hindustan Times weekly organize events across the country, how companies can set up stands, banners, and posters, and provide some fun activities. These events provide companies with a very low price to promote their brand and introduce the target audience. These companies also give discount coupons to the winners of the games, which in turn increases the sales of the products and ensures that the first users are also trying out these products.

In the 14 cities of Pepsi, a school cricket event organized in 425 schools was amazed at the company's promotion of the brand with the right target customer at no cost

Most of the pharmaceutical companies make BTL promotions by using doctors' to showcase your products or free calcium tablets again to doctors, knowing that the personal counseling of a physician for a patient would be more valuable than commercial advertising.

Another interesting BTL promotion was NIKE, an athlete dressed in Nike's sportswear, which can be jogged all day long on National Highway 8, Delhi

BTL promotions are becoming increasingly popular among today's large companies, "Custom Buyer Promotion" at a price that is far smaller than the usual media offerings.

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