Puzzle Mats – Realistic Mats for mixed martial arts training

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After years of training, they prefer the tighter inserts of conflicting martial art carpet rugs (also known as carpet mats) in old school training centers for soft and squishy martial arts carpets.

I made hard core cores with mixed martial arts trainings for dummy mattresses. We did everything from fitness kickboxing to King of the Mat in full contact – fighting and sparring. The long-term martial arts camp for my students has spent countless hours practicing almost every martial arts skill on these lightweight martial arts carpets, and they have proven to be useful again and again.

Unlike other rugs, puzzle mats are a little heavier and offer a more realistic training space. It is important for you to teach yourself in realistic self-defense that the carpet that you train, is not too soft or unreal (causing ankle and knee injuries).

In our Personal Security Course (PSC) we teach students real self-defense. For this, we must demand that they wear their clothing closer to what they wear in everyday life – such as jeans, shoes, and tees or coats. As students have their shoes, it is important to have a training area that can do shoes.

It should be noted that if you plan to wear shoes on your mattress, ask your students to wear shoes that are only for training. Although the rug will survive most of the shoes, it is best to wear shoes that are less harmful to the foam while still as likely as possible. That means you do not want women wearing high heels in the classroom. In our camps we usually give lightweight shoe-type shoes manufactured by Adidas and Pine Tree. Although Vibram Five Fingers is an excellent shoe for training on the mattress. The only challenge with these shoes is that it will not be as realistic as wearing typical shoes. It would make it possible for them to wear almost any sport or tennis shoes if they only wear the class. Otherwise, it will be dirty carpet. Although these puzzle carpets may be tough if they have dug land from jumping and twisting – they will be much harder to clean.

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