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Ralph Lauren has long been recognized as one of the most prestigious labels in fashionable clothing. The label was created by Ralph Lauren himself, an American designer who creates garments and accessories, with special attention to details. They have done mestermarketing for those who are looking for an elegant lifestyle, just like the design of clothing; Ralph Lauren also produces a range of bedding, furniture, potpourri, silverwares, and other things that a typical housewife considers important.

Ralph Lauren was born in 1939. He grew up in a working class family and was deprived of his right to officially study design. So all your interest and knowledge about design was only bigger if you started to engage in fashion trends. At the young age he worked in New York at the department stores.

He studied at business night school while trying to sell Brooks Brothers versions. The experience he has gained is what has brought Ralph Lauren to the astonishing position of the fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren entered fashion design as a 1967 Beau Brummel neck release. During this time, people wanted to wear tight dark ties, but though it was a norm, Lauren was a new color neckline. It is a fashionable, fashionable, fashionable connection for every interested businessman.

1967 was the trademark of Lauren, the men's clothing Polo. The booming design and style of the product line refines the virtues of traditional American and English classics.

In 1971, Ralph Lauren presented a new fashion dress, a women's collection, developed in four categories. The list includes the classics, the collection, the active ones, and the countries. Three years after the female line was introduced, the company was wearing and smelling boys. Other products from Ralph Lauren's house include stockings, leather goods, jewelery, luggage, nightgowns and of course Lauren's scent.

Ralph Lauren opened his own boutique in Beverly Hills, California, where he released the company's primary secrets. More than a thousand stores opened their doors, each offering a wide selection of Ralph Lauren fashion and accessories.

The company was further expanded with New Megastores built in New York to deliver a range of Ralph Lauren luxury goods. Now that many people are interested in Lauren's designs, it's no surprise that the company is now one of the most respected distributors of today's fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren currently has a wide range of licensed products for elites. Regardless of whether you choose a collection, whether men or scents, the company itself guarantees the true guarantee of people's calling. Wait for Ralph Lauren to respond to your needs, whatever it is.

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