Rastafari and Reggae Designs in T-Shirt printing

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T-shirt printers often have symbolic prints on T-shirts. These symbols contain political and social images that may be relevant to a minority group, or may represent a counter-cultural movement such as the Rastafarian Movement.

According to Wikipedia, most Rastas do not call the "religion" but the "lifestyle". Monotheists, only one God loves what is called Jah. However, this God is not a blurred omnipotent being in heaven, but incarnated with Haile Selassie, the last Emperor of Ethiopia.

Rastafari is the Afrocentric ideologies and teachings. Its members support the spiritual use of cannabis or marijuana. It has a three-color flag – red, green and yellow – with a lion's silhouette in the center.

Bob Marley and Rastafari in printed T-shirts

The strong association of Rastafari and reggae is in part the nature of Bob Marley and a member of the movement. Bob Marley is one of the most popular Rastas in the world and his popularity has helped spread the influence of the Rastafarian Movement in the world.

Bob Marley's signature – his broad smile and dreadlocks – is one of the most popular printing t-shirts. Your face was printed in different versions, either as a pencil or as a photo. The prints show Bob Marley's various poses while singing on the stage or his head with a retiring worry-free laughter.

Bob Marley sang most of Rastafarian songs. In addition to Marley, other reggae musicians also used music to distribute Rastafari's teachings. Musicians such as Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer integrate the Rastafarian doctrine into their songs.

Red, green and gold on Rastafari T-shirt printing

The Rastafari colors are green, red and gold, with the same color tones on the flag. The middle of the flag boasts a silhouette of a roaring lion, while the horizontal stripes of the three colors are in the background.

Sometimes the three colors are used as backgrounds or are located at the top of Bob Marley's picture. In the outline of Marley's face, the same three colors were mixed with the dark lines. Other times, Bob Marley's song lyrics have access to the picture.

Red signs the blood of the black Jamaican martyr, green is the laziness of Ethiopian or Jamaican landscapes, and gold represents Africa's richness. Sometimes black refers to the movement of Marcus Garvey.

The Reggae and the Rasta movement are a rich source of artistic inspiration for T-shirt printers. Symbols from these movements affect the rebellious spirit of the rebellious knight of the seventies and continue to feed the same feelings in today's generation. This type of designed, unique printed t-shirt speaks the messages you want to listen to.

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