Rome Shopping Centers, Veni, Vedi, Vici!

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You should have lived in Marson over the past 100 years if you did not know that the Italians are known for their style. They are famous for the most elegant cars, watches, sunglasses, motorbikes and even churches! You call this and the Italians have been awarded (not to mention being more stylish than yours)! Of course, when it comes to clothes, it's no surprise that the world is leading the HOT with some of the greatest designers coming from Italy, for example, Valentino, Gucci, D & G and Missoni. you only have to walk to every Italian town to see how well all the Italians do not only have their tastes in clothes, but they do everything they can to make the hair and makeup perfect so the whole package is just inviting you.

Now the mere mortals can reach these super-stylish glances at a fraction of the price. The Mecca of Castel Romano shopping center near Rome, for the bounty hunters, in a reproduction style that recalls the memory of the great Roman Empire. He has 110 quality top-selling stores between Asics, Bruno Magli, Calvin Klein and Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli. Discounts last season range from 30 to 70%, and if you're lucky, you can choose something from the current season. The on-site modification service available means that even if you fall in love with a garment that is too big, but half of the original price can still be yours, just jump into the tailors and bring them to your magic.

The outdoor shopping center felt itself walking around a perfect small town with well-maintained walks around the divine entrance windows, so even windowshoping is a kind of enjoyment. Relax and cool between shopping or even just sit and lick each new purchase there are plenty of options to choose from in the row refreshments.

The best thing is that the center is not easy to reach, from Piazza Barberini to the center of Rome to Castel Romano. The service runs from Monday to Thursday at 9.15am or 2.15am. Return trip is 13:00 or 18:00. On Saturdays and Sundays there is only one trip and starts at 9.15am and return at 13.00. It can be organized for hotel excursions if organized before the shopping day. CastelRomano is only 15 km south of Rome, so you can reach it by car. Castelromano offers everything you could expect from a regular shopping center, including childcare facilities, ATMs and even a huge FREE car park.

With the warmth of Rome, it's too hard to find the energy to go shopping in the middle, and when we're still struggling with the bustle of the city, the streets of the city and traffic noise! Castleromano is the perfect spot for your daily shopping. Although we can ensure everything by 50-70%, knowing that it does not cancel the bank and still helps the slow economy. At least I said to myself as I came, I saw it and got it …

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