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Well a mixture of the new Stade Francais rugby kit! Blanche de Castille, France, manufactured by Adidas, ruler of the thirteenth century of France, crowned. The design clearly resembles Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe prints.

Personally, I'm very fond of not sure if a great French rugby player will be full, but as a piece of clothing. Colors and design are strong and eye-catching. Contrasting darker fingers and side panels help to prevent vibrant colored blocks, and thin the figures, and dampen the overall appearance of the garment, so it's not that complicated. This certainly opens up a whole new area of ​​sportswear design for those who had the task of trying to figure out a new way to introduce team colors to different panels, tubes and trim.

While garments have been limited to restricting seams due to comfort, strength, and cost, limiting the placement of colors to these areas, as the fabrics are usually of one color.

Applying images and versatile prints to sportswear can completely change our business. The progress of sportswear has played a major role, and new textiles can be colored and printed in ways that have not worked so well in the past. This means that as new, cheaper printing methods have been developed that allow smaller textile fibers, the idea of ​​developing sportswear has also changed. Several batches of printed fabrics use in design to try to produce their product. For example, Gilbert uses predatory prints on rugby equipment. It is still not so financially viable for most garments as printed fabrics will still be more expensive and the minimum quantity will be bigger enough to make print jobs worthwhile. But the concept is out of the question, and you are sure to follow it now.

I like the designer thinking outside of the box and I really liked Stade Francais brave enough to go with him. It is so automatic that you constantly try a variation of a subject, you rarely think in a completely new direction. Though design itself resembles Warhol's earlier designs, the use of this style pattern in this context is radical and has started to engage in various web sites. The fact that people talk about designing a new rugby kit is a great thing. Generally, the kit would be launched and accepted without a number of warnings. Some fans automatically buy a new package when they start, others buy less often. This new kit will surely test the loyalty of the next team!

Are many people selling to the fans? I do not know, probably the typical rugby crowd will not be willing to give it to the bright pink queen (literally) in front. Then, design can attract a whole new audience. There are, of course, some who prefer this, as they certainly make a statement, not just about which group they support, but about what personality they are – bold, outgoing, impressive.

Stade Francais often noticed their stocks, began the influx of pink rosy rugby and sportswear. Brands such as Kooga used pink for their T-shirts and rugby T-shirts. So is this new design followed by all of us the trend? I can not wait to find out. Do I want to buy one? No, I'm British! But if we are with our queen in their place, or on the face of the British team, then do I – I take it with me?

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