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Do you need some new garments for your new serious running habit? If you are still wearing the old trouser pillow and your favorite t-shirts, it's time to get a new piece of clothing. Textiles and styles make the new clothes even more comfortable than their old favorites, and as incredible as it sounds, they really can do better. Some things you can find useful when running running clothing:

Fabric choices:

One of the newest things about the fabric that is used is that many of the running clothes today are actually breathable. Tissues with many different names and brands use the same "wicking" technology to remove moisture from the skin to help keep the body at a constant temperature. Some of these materials require special care and washing, while others can only be thrown into the normal laundry. Read the labels carefully.

The reflective fabric is another great innovation in running clothing. This is great for those who run outdoors during the day or night. When light reaches, its reflective ability makes visible cars and pedestrians.

Cold weather also pays special attention to clothing apparel. You want a piece of clothing that is not too big and can keep a constant body temperature. Wear a moisturizing underwear, then a light jacket and stockings, and if it's really cold, you need to gloves to protect your hands and headband to protect your ears.


The running suit is loose or tight fit. In fact, it is a personal choice, but many summer styles fits loosely so that the runner can cool down more easily. In winter, dresses are much closer (at least clothing next to the skin) to keep their body temperature. Make sure that your purchased running clothes are not rubbed or frustrated, which may cause damping.


Special note for female runners to buy a good sports bra that provides the right support regardless of the size of the bra. The straps can not dig in the shoulders and provide good support to avoid injury to the back and shoulders.

You can find clothing items in a department or shop or online.

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