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I like to run clothes and buy something new for myself, I can play with some excuse any time! It can not be a good excuse, or more … I'm not too proud to use impeccable, bad excuses if necessary.

In fact, more than half of my cabinet includes running clothes: running shirts and running pants, coats and stockings. Shoes, socks and hats running, oh me!

I tried (but has not been able yet) to make each color available in the top and running pants. It's a continuous project, but it's fun … everyone needs a hobby, right? And you have to see the style when I run on the orange running shirt and the orange shorts … you really can not help seeing … I'm almost a neon.

I feel it's important to be comfortable while running and, of course, color-limited. It does not only make the experience of running more enjoyable; the appropriate clothes are important to regulate body temperature: it is considered cool and warm in the cooler months during the winter months. Not to mention the changes in humidity and wind temperature, etc.

When I decided to train at the first marathon, it was the beginning of the new year. This meant that I had to launch my mileage in January. I definitely needed winter clothes. Fortunately, winter was mild.

Most days I could wear a short sleeve running shirt with a light running jacket and running stockings. I always wear a running cap and colder days, gloves. The cap serves a dual purpose: clearing glare between my eyes and cold running to maintain heat. Gloves usually go halfway through the bladder. She ran a few times when she had to wear a fleece hat, but usually only when it was windy.

I realized that a light running jacket was indispensable to run in that season. It was not just warm, but I ventured not to overclock during the run. I've heard that running makes the temperature 10 degrees warmer. Before my running jacket would wear a long-sleeved T-shirt when I run colder. But this was not such a great strategy as if it was cold, and when I got upset, lifting my fingers did not make the trick to cool. Thanks to the knit coat, moisture now leaves the skin and does not cool down during longer runs. Because I hate being too hot during running, it's good to take my running coat out when I get overwhelmed and get back to it as soon as I get cold.

In Western Montana, we have very low humidity, so if the sun is out there, it will warm up fast enough, even in winter. Despite being warmed in the sun, it was important to me that when I was running at temperatures below 45 degrees, I needed to wear running stockings. It is important for the feet to warm up. Though I might be a little too hot when I was wearing tights, I found that healing time was much faster and the next day I was not so painful. The most important problem with the running stocking is that I just have not got as many colors as I can with selection of running shorts. I think it's okay, because it's just a running jacket. So what's the point? I simply learned to keep wearing hats with different colors.

The hardest training time for me was the transition period: winter is spring and spring until summer. After every tights and jacket, every winter I was excited to wear a short coat without a coat, just in a short sleeve shirt.

I had to be cautious because the Montana Spring could have an unexpected, very bad time. Once I started to use a spring blizzard to find out that although the sun looks good, I run from 2 to 2 o'clock. There may be a lot of time with weather. As Montana says, "If you do not like the weather, just wait a few minutes."

I ran long training programs with my friend Vickie riding me with bicycles and it was easier to start with several layers of clothing. As I warmed up, I put out a running outfit and put it in a saddle bag. I've done a lot of long runs in the unpredictable spring weather, so with the long training sessions I was there to easily prepare for what the weather could cause. Thanks, Vickie.

Of course, your favorite season is to run for summer: primarily because most of your running clothes meet the given season. As I said earlier, I hate being too hot during running, so running pants are largely types that are divided by generous runners from the side to provide maximum comfort and the best running. But there are some longer shorts that are good in the cooler mornings or late spring days.

My singles (running t-shirts) are made of very cool, lightweight, sheer material. I noticed that some running shirts did not breathe, so I use these early morning runs when it's not too hot yet.

Okay … so maybe I've played too much about dressing clothes, but my point is that when I run, I'm smart about what I wear. So with a lot of choices about what to wear, I never have to worry about not having a proper garment. How I Verify It Anyway

I check the conditions and dress accordingly. And while I am, why does not she look the best? Wearing beautiful clothes I feel better. After all, I work hard for this body!

So the three key running clothes: Comfortable and color-coordinated ….;)

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