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The running shoes are designed for sporty activity. They are also known as athletic shoes. Formerly made of elastic material with rubber sole. The soles were formed by means of a process known as vulcanization, whereby rubber and clothing are mixed through a heating process. As these shoes were light, they were comfortable and allowed the wearer not to hear, known as "shoes".

In 1917, Keds's shoe company became the first shoe to manufacture and sell, the States. The British company called J. W. Foster and Sons, later renamed Reebok, developed adult running shoes. Founder of the company. J. W. Fostern had a passion for running and developed shoes that would increase his speed. His idea that he solved the soles for the athletic industry alone. In 1925, Germany's adi Dassler stepped one step further and created a series of shoes with hand-cast spikes. Your company has used up-to-date materials for shoes that are extremely lightweight. They have also developed a range of shoes designed for different distances.

In the 1970s, the trend started towards the podiatrirok who worked actively with shoe manufacturers to develop the perfect running shoe. Further research has been carried out on the running of human beings and the impact of shock on different parts of the foot each time the foot touched the ground. Kinesiology has played an important role in research. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) has been developed consisting of millions of small air bubbles that provide cushioning and absorb shock. In shoe manufacturing, the use of EVA in footwear technology was seen as a major step forward. This technology is still widely used today.

In 1979, Nike developed the most famous cushioning system. Nike Air was the first to have air bubbles at the corner of the shoe. Nike's success led its rivals, such as Reebok, Asic and Brook, to join the race in finalizing footwear cushioning.

Today the competition for sportswear companies has increased. Shoes fashion and brand search are just as important factors as sporting events. Athletes are sponsored, events are held more often and fortune is promoted for advertising. In line with this trend, millions of dollars are spent on planning "safe" shoes.

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