Screen Printing T-Shirts: Design your own T-shirt for screen printing

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You can design your own T-shirts with screen printers or use the standard designs offered by T-shirt printing companies. However, if you want to design your own t-shirt, you should understand some aspects of screen printing as it affects the design you want to use.

First, with screen printing:

on screen

This process was called silk screen printing because the screens used were silk. China was a popular printing technique since silk, but modern polymer fibers allow us to use significantly cheaper synthetic screens.

Although artwork is needed before the screens are made, explanation of the technique will be needed to understand the design limitations. First, it must have a net that is large enough to allow the ink to be dragged. The average mesh will be 110 (110 lbs / inch) and lower for thicker inks, blocking the images and higher for thinner inks and larger definitions.

The net is covered by a light-sensitive emulsion and the work is underneath it. Light is exposed on the screen and where light reaches the screen, the chemistry solidifies and covers the web. The design area stops light, so when the screen is washed, the surface does not contain emulsion while the others are solid. This is true for a screen print shirt or any other item.

b) Printing

The screen is mounted in a box and the garment is placed under the box. Inks like the box and a tool called "squeegee" turns over and forces the ink through the net. The paint is then dried, leaving the image on the pole.

As you can imagine, this process applies to only one color per print, because only one color can be loaded into the net or running together. For multiple colors, the procedure must be repeated. Only custom highlighted areas can be printed, so when printing t-shirts you can not merge a shade into another.

Similar to the need for a new screen for each color, without the sample being exactly the same. This increases costs, and the screen t-shirt is expensive for custom clothing. There is a fixed setup cost, and then you have to pay extra costs for each color. The more shirts you print, the cheaper for each dress.

Other printing methods, such as digital printing, can print multiple colors without price increases. So why use the screen print instead of the tees instead of the digital one? There are several reasons:

Advantages of T-shirt Printing on the Screen

* Screen printing is a good idea if you design your own t-shirt with a large area block color. Digital printing and other methods can not print as large areas as the screen.

* Screen printing t-shirts are very opaque, and they can have any deep color benefits. Digital printing in the darkness prints light shades, such as pale blue with light yellow color, without looking green.

* Screen printing is great for whites, even with DTG jet printers, dark colored white with more than two or three washes. Screen dyes are much more stable and thicker to provide greater coverage. No specific wash instructions are required.

* The screen is extremely cost effective if it has only one color and if it is running for a long time, other methods of economy and price reduction are most likely to be on screen.

* Colors are brighter and bigger than screen printers

Negative prints for screen printers

However, there are some negative ones for screen printers, namely:

] * Too small for small orders that have more than one they have color in design.
* Takes Time: Most T-shirts print for two or more weeks.
* There are limitations in his drawings.

However, although the T-shirt printing on the screen has some negative to the technique, most buyers and t-shirt designers prefer this.

Printers will prioritize digital forms of DTG printing, but if you find a T-shirt printer that prints your clothes with your own designs as lighter and more durable as if it were a different method.

Screenprint T-shirts are currently one of the most commonly used clothing printers, but if you want to design your own t-shirt, it's best to have only one or two colors at most if you want the benefits of screen printing.

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