Second life, web communities and the next wave of customer experience

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Imagine that there are 11 million people on the coast of Britain – at least 1 million a year – where the first language is English and the overwhelming majority of the population are within the age of 17 -30. Want to be interested in marketing in this group, could you afford not to?

It's amazing, just one such island, or I might say there's an archipelago, not the Great Britain, but Cyberspace. Its name is Second Life and is one of the many virtual worlds developed by its own nationals and the host laboratory, although it is currently leading. fundamentally democratic environments that are constantly adapting and changing for their citizens to build and develop their own landscapes and to create their own interesting communities.

This is the place for those companies who wanted to reach the next wave of customer experience – previously the virtual experience. Why, as the Internet is rapidly becoming a place for active communication and virtual interaction between customers. Think of familiar sites such as Friendsreunited, YouTube, and Myspace, all of the network mega-trend that is capable of rapidly spreading positive and negative rumors.

But what really captured the imagination, these 3D worlds come to pick a character (an avatar) and walk around the virtual world with a touch of a button and communicate with other virtual characters – every real person who logs in and interacts ; and is mostly free!

For example, imagine sitting at home and meeting a new friendly community about the comfort of the armchair. Talk to someone who has a similar interest in you, but lives in China, Brazil, the USA or Leicester. Participating in an online business conference where you can really interact and view other participants can even get to and go to a post-conference online party in one of the virtual disks; Of course you can buy your avatar's clothes virtual currency, such as Linden Dollars in a virtual store.

However, as many new businesses – remembering the Internet 15 years ago – the current wave is just starting out in the wider marketing mainstream. The general objections to just being cybersex or full of geeks simply miss the point because today's geeks or listeners are tomorrow's consumer or business leader – remember these 11 million accounts! In addition, such 3D technology and virtual communication are likely to use Mash-Up with the current version 2.0. So you prefer this to be a strange phenomenon, which has a lot of extensions out of the internet advertising.

Some examples:

Imagine a customer pressing a button on their website that takes a virtual tour of your store or other business (maybe even a production that is still in the design phase) and allows them to talk to a virtual assistant about financial products or something else.

§ Alternatively, if your avatar (virtual ones) could teleport (divert them) to your site or your place in Second Life

§ What would you be like to meet others at a virtual conference? Or Discussion Forum

Or offers an interesting, interesting community or even a mini-site dedicated to its own mini Metaverse.

Think of 100 million flat web pages like MySpace. Soon, these members will move the second life to the 3D worlds.

There is no doubt that this will be a tough game for some people, except for conceptualization, but this is the second nature for the generation of video game titles.

And many companies have been exploring the potential and have begun to develop virtual landscapes that help their business. For example,, where you can search and buy in a virtual bookstore that is interconnected and integrated into the web site. Other examples come from Second Life, the Official Guide includes

§ Starwood Hotels, which introduced Second Life to its new hotel chains

§ Toyota Motor Corporation, which issued Scion xB

Adidas, which sells the virtual version of a3 Microride shoe [§19659002] § Hipster dress is the American clothing retailer who opened the opening to sell its virtual versions of clothing.

§ The Harvard Law School, part of Second Life [19659002] § The CIA

§ Duran Duran has developed a venue for concerts and introducing new bands

§ And potentially why not work on the other hand and an excellent virtual shop it offers (albeit a piece of clothing) through bricks or clicks and mortar

This is not an environment like clothing and books, but for every business; as we have seen in developing second-tier banks and professional services advisers. Of course, fans always have a leading role in this area, but it provides an environment for the public utility or financial service provider, whether it is PR or consulting, to anyone who is environmentally friendly.

The truth is that Second Life's companies do not use wild wild fantasies, but just like the internet – rumor. In addition, since the primary goal is interaction, there are many special interest matching communities that provide a good basis for feedback, targeting messages and online developments, and research feedback.

And if he thought it was difficult and expensive to think again, land prices would cost $ 195 a month to occupy an entire area of ​​65,536 square feet (source: Second Life, The Official Guide).

So, if you're interested early, what can you expect? How can you properly approach this market and exploit the power of Internet networking?

This is an ideal area for changing Customer experience and an area that we are happy to advise on the other side of Philosophy; respond to second-life questions, successful commercial models, land development, customer-experience management, cultural considerations while interacting with this still evolving environment and the best use of Mash-Ups on your Internet presence.

Of course, there are always consumers who are only interested in online poker, but as Metaverse is mature and 3D technology merges with the current web environment, winners will always be the ones who have the primary advantage; if it's fast enough to catch the wave.

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