Selecting Football Bets – Nightmare or Lack of Knowledge?

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What are the soccer fields to buy?

There are so many options available. And all this marketing is pointless. Exactly. There is no simple answer to this question. How to buy the right soccer shoes can be very difficult, but you do not have to become a nightmare. With proper knowledge, you can easily choose the right soccer player for yourself or your child if that is the case.

So let's look at what to look for when buying a soccer player?

At the price you want to make sure it's comfortable.

But how do you know if they give you enough comfort before playing at least a few times with them?

You will not.

But you can increase your odds of buying a comfortable football, taking into account the following factors:

1. Manufacturer.

2nd Genuine leather or synthetic

3. Screw Type

4. Size

Let's talk about these factors a bit more.


Adidas and Nike are the 2 most popular. For good reason. They may be the best on the market.

While Adidas has produced "everlasting" football players, Nike has made great strides in recent years. Both companies are doing the same high quality football player.

I personally never played Nike's shoes so I can not tell my brand about my experience. My boys played football with both brands. After trying them for a while, the younger boy clings to Nike while Pat (older) only uses Adidas shoes. Both are very happy with their choice.

Do you know why?

Their feet are built differently. Pat has much wider legs than his brother.

Basically, if it is:

· Wide Foot – Search for a pair of Adidas soccer caps

· Skinny Legs – Search for a pair of Nike soccer caps.

It would not be worth mentioning two other brands that are almost as good as the above:

Diadora and Puma.

Other brands such as Umbro, Kelme, Miter, Lotto – only if you really can not afford the aforementioned brands or you just want these brands.

All top soccer shoes made of genuine leather or synthetic material

What's the best?

Real skin … in my opinion. And I recommend it to anyone who plays seriously at football.

True skin gives the ball a sense of discomfort. It provides great comfort for the legs. In addition, it is longer than synthetic materials. And healthier than your feet.

Synthetic materials do not allow the feet to "breathe" in the build up of sweat, potential blisters and legs in the near future.

But … (of course there is a "de")

… Real leather stamps cost more.

There are few different types of skin used to make soccer.

The least expensive whole grain is. Sometimes full-skinned soccer shoes just a bit more than "artificial". If you spend 10 to 20 dollars for much better shoes, it's really worth it.

The best leather on the market is K-Leather (Kangaroo). Though more expensive but softer, lighter and more durable.

If your feet do not grow like the sound speed and your budget is not too tight, be sure to consider the K-leather focipant.

There is also a "de" or exception to the "synthetic soccer shoe" rule: high quality plastic socks.

These golfers are made with special microfiber technology that develops synthetic materials, usually PU (polyurethane). The PU is very soft and strong, giving a feeling like natural material. The Top Super-Microfiber material can be as expensive as some leather!

Today, almost all leading sports shoes manufacturers use microfiber materials. For example, Nike produces top-of-the-line ranges of super lightweight synthetic material KNG-100 (Air Zoom Total 90) and Nike-Skin (Mercurial Vapor). Even Adidas used the microfiber for the first time in Adidas Predator Absolute's latest creation (there's also a Kenguru skin model).

So the rule of "non-synthetic cords" refers only to regular (cheap) synthetic materials such as PU or PVC (polyvinylchloride).

Screw Type

  • There are practically two different formatted football boots on the market.

    Conventional – a base with a round stalk (usually ten to fifteen).

    The X-Grip (or Shovel-shaped) – slimmer than the round bolt, placed strategically at different angles to provide the player with a better foot.

    Which means that this kind of assembly line is suitable for good hard and solid surfaces as well as soft soil. However, they are not really reliable in extreme conditions such as: very hard and dry areas (lawn shoes will be the ultimate choice here) or very soft and damp surfaces (screwdriving).

    X-Grip design is manufactured under special field conditions. In this case, the different lengths and the angles of the pins, you have to choose the soccer balls made specifically for the hard (HG), firm (FG) or soft (SG) ground. The choice should therefore be based on the fields where the game is most played.

    If you play on all kinds of surfaces, I recommend the traditional round pegs.

    But if you really want to stick to the new style, then buy X-Grip on a solid track (FG).

    Of course, the best scenario would be to get two pairs of footballs in different spatial environments. But who can afford you? Not many of us

  • Replaceable (screwed) latches are very optional.

    Most young footballers do not need them. Because of the poor quality of most youth areas, screwing is simply not enough to guarantee the purchase.

    Unless you play a lot in the great soft areas and extra cash (screwing can not be the only football stick). Some tournaments do not allow this type of equipment.


    It's important that the football fields you buy fit perfectly. This means it is as simple as possible, close to your feet (regrettable parents, you can not grow in the hall in soccer shoes). The tightly fitting shoes make it easier to feel the feel of the ball.

    Fociste I usually get my older sons (16 years old) and myself ½ smaller. This is because the skin clears after a piece and then forms on the foot. For my 10 years, since the synthetic does not stretch and tie the junior size is not so expensive, I buy the exact size of the shoe.

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