Several strategies for shopping in Hong Kong

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Hongkong was always referred to as a "shopping paradise" by foreign and domestic tourists. No matter what type of goods, service or price, HK purchase has been renewed worldwide. Shops in this market sell different goods from all over the world, ranging from internationally renowned brands to local merchandise. The government adopts a low tax policy; most Hong Kong goods are not taxed.

So the products in Hong Kong are usually lower than other countries to attract a lot of tourists. Most waiters get professional service training; friendly and reliable service to your customers. Therefore, if you visit this shopping paradise, you can enjoy the right shopping experience.

Branded fashion in Hong Kong's favorite selection, such as Gucci, the Armani brand, usually does not allow the land; but in Hong Kong this is different. If you encounter seasonal changes or festivals, these famous brands are significantly reduced. If your real brand is too expensive, your budget will take into account Granville Road, Palace Mall, Jordan Hanford House and Garden Street. In these places are all kinds of wholesale stores, shops and used shops. Although they do not have a large and eye-catching name, both are the direct sellers of famous brands and the price is fairly low. It would be a good place to bargain.

Fur is very cost effective in buying Hong Kong; the best fur here is only 50% of the United Kingdom, 75% of Japan. Besides, due to the warm weather, in this cosmopolitan city, skin will be half-price sales as the cold season passes. Thus, it is very suitable to buy branded fur and leather products in Hong Kong.

Skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes sold in Hong Kong are not only quality assurance but also tax-free. But be careful that the official can sell the expired goods to you.

In the coastal cities, many new couples move to Hong Kong with wedding rings, many jewelery stores point to everywhere. Various jewelries, such as agate beads, gold and diamond look much more expensive than on land; in fact it is not true, the color and light of the diamond in Hong Kong is much better; the execution is much more complicated. Christmas is coming, this is the best time to buy good quality, but low-cost christmas jewels.

If you are an athletic fan, do not miss the "Fa Yuen" street called "Sport Street". Almost all sports goods and equipment can be found here.

In addition to fashion and cosmetics, if you want to buy cheap computers, you can go to Kowloon for small shops or street vendors. Besides the digital camera and accessories, it is reliably cheaper.

It does not matter to men or women, and watches are at the heart of consumers. According to the introduction, there are many top watches that can not be found on land, the price is much cheaper.

Additionally, DFS Sun Plaza is the largest duty-free retailer in the Metropolis, New World Center every day brand, the best place to buy a mobile phone, Sin Tat Plaza and the World Trade Center are your favorite ladies.

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