Shoe Lexicon – Part 2

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Is the ever-growing number of shoe styles embarrassed? They always asked for a few pumps, and "What pumps?" Just call everything shoes when shopping to avoid the too specific? This is the second part of the Shoe Lexicon series. Enjoy.

Mary Jane Pumps This style is often characterized by hinges that are cut to the upper leg and locked by the buckles. Mary Jane pumps will send you back to your childhood, especially for girls who are likely to wear their school shoes. Mary Jane pumps also find a way to pop culture in the history of movies such as Clueless and referenced as a television show as sex and city.

Tips for wearing Mary Jane pumps

  • Do not overdo it If Mary Jane wears pumps, it's fine to stay young but not too dirty.

Oxford Heels Oxford heels are the best mix of broken shoes and pumps. The hybrid of these two styles shows almost always Oxford boots like ankle boots. Despite the fact that the tapes and pumps are often formally used, their combination – the Oxford corner – becomes more natural.

Tips on wearing Oxford Heels

  • Check your stockings. Go to all Oxford and create a good English lady, wear your stockings at Oxford Corner . Try the classic, thick black trousers under a skirt and find the look of the Gossip Girl or the more pungent, knee-length socks with shorts.

Wedge sandals. In most cases, the jute or the V-belt is simply a wedge. This type of shoe is popular among those who have the height of the killer high heels, but not the strain of one leg. Although "comfort" is a bit controversial, just think about it, compared to wearing the mirror, at least not all the weight is concentrated in less than half a inch in diameter.

Tips to wear wigs.

  • Relax. Personally, I think the jewels have this much more casual quality than silk scarfs or pumps. This may be due to the fact that it was big in the lighter ages than in the seventies or that it was used most in the summer to supplement the clothes. But because I'm a huge fan of the 70's silhouette, I always use the wide-legged pants, the top of the tank, and the kimono-style cardigan.

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