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You may not be in the Imelda Marcos Championship (in the 1980's, the former Philippine President's widow Fernando Marco was notorious for more than 3,000 shoes) but there is no shoe in the shoe class. You have shoes for everyday wear, for dancing nights in the city and for all of your sports facilities. Oh, and you've only found a great shoe selling so you can add more than just the right shoe. Maybe it's time to think about storing shoes.

If you put your shoes on the floor of the closet or lie under your bed, you can work, but if you want to find the right shoe at a time, then you can do a trick with an organized shoe storage.

There are many types and stylish shoe organizers on the market, the only problem with which to wear shoes is to decide which one to choose.

There are a few options to choose from:

If you want to keep your shoes where you can admire them, you might consider a standing, rotating shoe tree to display the collection. The knitting shoe trees are attractively decorated, such as metal bronze, and the best ones are fitted with vertically adjustable stands. Find a weighted stand to prevent the stand from tipping over.

If you want the perfect protection for your shoes, check out the canvas shoe drawers where you can hide your shoes from dust and potential wear. Shoe sets are also available as freestanding or hanging units. With shoe compartments, you can make storage of other items such as scarves, socks or belts more flexible.

If space saving poses a problem, what about a door with gates? Door-leaf shoe racks can be found in a variety of styles, each with a bamboo stand for flip-flops and sandals with trendy wooden frames and chrome inserts.

With the right shoe store you always have the perfect new pair!

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