Shopping in London

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One of the real joy of visiting London is the wonderful shopping opportunities. The city is so big that you can find everything you want. From the most exclusive design shops to the charming market stalls, there is something for everyone.

Oxford Street is the most popular place for customers. Long Highway, Hundreds of Big Businesses, such as Selfridges. It is the busiest shopping street in Europe and even more at Christmas time when customers reach the many stores.

Covent Garden is an excellent place for an afternoon shopping in London. There are a number of independent fashionable clothing stores to choose from and a great selection of cafés.

Bond Street contains the most exclusive fashion stores. This is where the best designers set up their business. Gucci and Armani are just two of the top brands that have their own business. Even if you can't afford the premium price, you might want to check out some nicely decorated shops with stunning fashion models.

Carnaby Street is home to a royal court with many concept stores selling items that are not available elsewhere. This is a very good place for those who like unique designs and trinkets. The Soho is close to arriving at the infamous red lights on the street.

Camden Town is London's most popular place for market stalls and used shops. Excellent area with incense and some fairly distant fashions. There are plenty of cafés and pubs in the middle of the day.

Knightsbridge where the famous Harrods store is located. Harvey Nicols is also home to. These two stores are big enough to justify a visit to the area, but there are many other options.

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