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Maybe we can not find Manipur's lie! The intellectuals were often mistaken as to where this state was like a foreign country. Their assumptions look like a dream today. Young people and teenagers are fashion conscious, not Indian, but foreign lifestyles. In Manipur, fashion stores are more advanced than other cities in India, so big urban people

Manipur is an extraordinary place filled with charm, beauty and creativity. It is located in the north-eastern region of the Indian sub-continent, 23.5 oN-25.3 oN latitude and 93.4 oE-95.3 oE, bordering in East Myanmar, north of Nagaland, west of Assam and Mizoram. Manipur, surrounded by nine mountain ranges, lies in the middle of a picturesque valley. The total area of ​​Manipur is 22,327 square kilometers. There are only 2,238 square kilometers of valleys, while the remaining areas are on a hillside.

Manipur, a small state on the melting pot of culture, is one of the world's beauty spots. Rasa Lila, Manipur's classic dance is world-famous for its gentleness and tranquility. Modern day t-shirts were played here as royal sports. Thus, the world hosted the polo game.

The site of passage of sights includes an excellent panorama of the evergreen hills, the land of Khongjom, soaked with holy martyr blood, the first battle of the Anglo-Manipur War in 1891 in Kanglán, the former capital of Manipur. Loktak Lake – the largest freshwater lake in the North East, Keibul Lamjao National Park – is the only floating National Park in the world, the I.N.A. The monument of Moirang, where the first tricolor flag of Indian Independence was raised by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Siroi Lily found only in the Siroi Mountains, the Simmy World War II cemeteries, world-famous handicrafts and handicrafts.

Manipur is the "Emma Keithel" – the female market in the Khwairamband bazaar – the only and largest market in the world for women, the gold-domed Shri Govindajee Temple, the Saheed Minar, the Khonghampat Orchid Yard, the Tharon Cave Tamenglong, Khanghui Cave in Ukhrul, Kangla Park and Moat, which surrounds the historic Maharajas historic palace in Britain.

Manipur is not only the gateway to the North East region, but also an impressive destination for tourists. The legends say that the discovery of Manipur is due to the joy of the gods who danced. This remarkable offer gives Manipur a unique identity. Due to its delightful cultural style and the picturesque beauty of the décorous climate, it is a pleasure to invite tourists to Manipur.

Shops and shopping malls here are flooded with foreign goods. From pants, shirts to shoes and hats – all of them are very fashionable and of high quality. Different Factors – Distant Places, Borderlands, Indefinite Blockades, and of course the Pressure of Revolutionists

Manipur has two major shopping malls very popular. The Gambhir Singh Shopping Arcade was founded on July 17, 1998. The shopping center is a four-storey building with various sizes of shops. Unlike Mumbai and Delhi, it is not owned by an owner or retail guru. Every business owner owns its own stores or parcels. On the first floor there are 25 shops, each of which covers 28 square meters. Cost-effective, each store has a retail value of Rs 7-10 lakhs. On the second floor there are about 60 smaller shops with an area of ​​12 square meters. On the top floor there were several offices and cable providers, ISTV, Manipur's exclusive cable television.

On the second floor stores are rented for 750 thousand a month. In addition to clothing and lifestyle, Gambhir Singh Shopping Arcade includes a beauty salon, cosmetics and restaurants. The name "Gambhir Singh" was devoted to the great kings of the Manipur Kingdom who rescued the people of the Burmese invasion (present Myanmar). So people here say that the mall is relieved of normal and orthodox lifestyles. Since the mall, teenagers and young people are fashionable here and compete with all models and actors of Bollywood.

The other mall is Leima Shopping Plaza on Governor Road, behind the Polo Ground. The term "Leima" refers to the term "honorable lady" in regional languages. Definitely the plaza is usually for women. It has about 35 stores and others are open to the public at the final stage. The Leima shopping center was formerly a huge cinema with the modern Dolby system and other modern facilities, the 'Friends Mini' As. In the Hollywood box office, Bollywood superhit, "The World is not Enough" and "Hum Aap ke Hai Kaun", are the last movies that the Manipur Cinemas remembered. But since revolutionaries have banned Hindi movies in the state since the last 4-5 years, people stop watching the movies. The owners of the theater were then transformed into the present space. Like the previous shopping mall, the hunting ground for foreign fashion.

When a teenager wears foreign clothing, of course, the look needs to be transformed into his dress. To do this, there are more saloons and lounges in the square. We can think about how this fashion trend begins in this small state. Manipur is not a cup of tea. It lasts almost thirty days from Delhi to Guwahati, then another night bus ride. The arrival of Imphal by airline can result in significant expenses, per person approx. Rs.12.000-Rs.15.000. Lack of communication and improper contact with other parts of the country hinders Indian fashion to reach the Manipuris youth. And when other sources of movies and Hindi series are forbidden from the life of youth, where do they get the latest fashion?

Although Hindu and his films are banned, these young people are eager to imitate Indian models and actresses. They love to be like the king of khan and dear Zinta. In addition, the latest renaissance of Manipuri films has led the way to revitalizing fashion. Almost two films are being produced every month, and the quality and habits of such miniature efforts are the best in North East India. Big players like Assam were unable to meet the quality, fashion and habits shown in Manipur cinema, though mega and supermodels like Hub, Sohum, and Vishal Malles are located in Guwahati. The frequency of visitors is only for business and shopping purposes. Unlike large shopping centers in other cities in the country, the highest conversion rate for business volume in Imphal's two shopping malls is close to 79%.

Small-town fashion designers returning to Imphal from the metropolitan cities are experimenting. Successful trends in beauty competitions and fashion shows organized over the past decades have welcomed fashion with the manipulative young people. They are watching MTV Asia and other foreign channels like Koreans, Japanese, Arirang and other South Asian media to imitate the latest fashion. The novelty of Indian fashion trends is outdated for such fashionable young people. Examples include young men from Manila who are in different countries of India. It's easy to see that the clothes they wear and the fashions they follow are only foreign trends. They hardly buy shoes from India, their shoes, their jeans and t-shirts. The reason for Indian clothing is the unnecessarily high price and the lack of new trends in the West, claiming that some students studied.

Contemporary goods have been moved to Manipur in Thailand and Singapore. Such goods are of high quality and the fabrics are well-knit. Manipur designers and fashion specialists prefer such clothes from Indian brands. According to Gambhir Singh Shopping Arcade retailers, production units and factories have already moved to Beijing. This is also why Nepal has received foreign markets. Chinese-made products flood the country with some fake, genuine and good quality. Such goods have come to Manipur for a long journey, from siluro to silchar. The fast crash and blockades on the 39th road prompted retailers and business dealers to take care of the Indo-Myanmar route.

Rajesh, a Delhi-based Imphal engineering student, said: "Every time, shirts from Manipur and friends ask me to come from the United States or the United Kingdom, I'm proud to say they come from Imphal. and the cost factor is one of the most important factors that forced the manipulative young people to opt for foreign goods Fashion has to be changed The new product launched on the market is the latest fashion It's unfortunate that it kills the brand No one can predict which brand is the best in every 3- After four months, the latest trend comes at anytime and will be in the past fashion, often not in India, with shirts such as Park Avenue or Arrow, insisting on their own finishing and cutting attachments for up to several months. the price keeps hiking. The MRP of the Red Tape and Picasso shoes is the neighboring revenue rlóközpontban in Guwahatiban between Rs 1395-2095 and Rs 1495-1595, while the All Stars and Valentino are available for Rs 200-Rs 700 on the sidelines of the Gambhir Singh Arcade Franchből in. Fashionable youngsters will take on these shoes, which are the latest trends and new to them cheaper.

The table above shows some shoes that are currently available in both malls and the latest trends. Women's shoes are limited, so some of them choose Indian brands. Here it is worth mentioning that branded companies have set up their small businesses around and around Imphal to meet people's needs. Van Nike, Reebok and Adidas outlet. But the volume of businesses is not loud as foreign shoes. Ida is the latest trend for women's shoes. Among men, All Stars are the highest value.

Most pants are Bangkok or Singapore. Among the male brands, Phat Farm is the highest salesman, then Mad Fish and Sha Bao Lu Jeans. ADL outperforms the female brand. Women's uppers are mostly combinations of imported and Indian brands. Among the women's shirts, ethere Bangkok, Sea Red, Idea and ANJ, Looks, Udare and Madame India are popular. The ether is available for 12 year old and middle-aged housewives. This is the highest sales brand today.

Teenagers in the latest fashion show are in front of their counterparts in other cities in India with the latest Bollywood movies. The Temple of the Car, which Saif Ali Khan Hum Tum and new Salam Namaste dresses are not new to the manipulator teenagers. They've been wearing cargo pants for three years. Some of the brands in the region are very fashionable and trendy cargo trousers, GAP, AND, DYD, the US Army. And the price categories are very inexpensive, starting with the Rs 380-Rs 650. Ladies Pencil Shoes from Thailand, such as the Tipper, are a pleasure for the models on the ramp at the track.

Teenagers are clearly in attendance at both malls for the frequency of visits, security and safe business. Manipur, the black laws of the government, and the fires of revolutionaries, are always lagging behind in development. If these two malls did not open, then the fashion business might not be what we are witnessing today. Streets shops and brand stores are often visited by women who are looking for great bargain opportunities and older men who can not separate themselves from teenager memory early. Another advantage of shopping in the mall is that these teens can relax and enjoy their time at the cafe or restaurant after the shopping is over. A wide range of desired outfits is possible only in such malls. The manipulative girls are very nice and conscious of the latest fashion. This facilitated the opening of many beauty salons in shopping malls.

Customers do not see brands, looking for the latest fashion trends. The feminine jeans available from Bangkok are well cut and made of material. Development is workable and can not be found in other Indian brands. "Teenagers are mostly dependent on fashion: what's the latest fashion coming to Singapore and Bangladesh soon, so brand building is difficult for them," said Romeo Sairem, Smart Ready Wear Garment. Potential buyers are teens. They spend around Rs. 10,000 in lean seasons. This goes up to Rs. 30,000 during the festive seasons like Holi, Ningol Chakouba, New Year and other community festivals. The brand of men is of the utmost importance; they are looking for brands in the selected range. [90] In the second half of the 90s, a strong movement was launched to eliminate improper street markets from the crowded Imphal urban roads. Such a change in urban policy necessitates the opening of shopping centers. Another reason was freedom and peace for traffic police officers from frequent tensions that take advantage of business owners. Formerly organized retail mode. Now shopping malls are a good source of income for most business people in Manipur.

The Gambhir Singh Shopping Arcade and the Leima Shopping Center were able to provide a place for businessmen and international clothing. Teens can fashionably dress like Westerners and other South Asian youth. With regard to clothing and fashion trends, Manipur can not decide on the economic breakdown of this state. All this was possible because the cheaper clothes were in the lowest price range.

Amazing diversity is a significant part of Sunday's markets in the city of Imphal. Some stores buy clothing, cosmetics or lifestyle accessories. Others tend to offer typically everything that is trendy, the latest consumer desire and looking for. Serendipity awaits stalls where customers always find such a surprising element they never thought, but they needed to suddenly be sure they could never live. And this market is much more tourist-friendly, and it leaves enough room for favorable negotiations.

Manipur testified that some incredible attractions have evolved very rapidly, especially among young people. They tend to take over a place completely and lose their interest after a while. So the new trends are fast in this little state!

The Gambhir Singh Shopping Arcade is very important because it has introduced the concept of retail excitement, involving the shopping center. We miss these malls with modern escalators and all other things that can create a very stimulating environment that eventually was something as exciting as the city! But such comforts will never be disturbed if a person can climb more than dozens of stairs after starting the shopping center concept, Indian goods directing the Imphal market. The political and economic situation was not a big headache for businessmen and retailers. Foreign goods come here, but in smaller quantities. Fashion and clothing were not so important in recent years.

It's not easy to get alien fashion in this high alarm state. The game is difficult if we do not take strict action in this business. Romeo added: "We have heard about the Free Trade Agreement with other South Asian countries, BIMSTEK and commercial promotion policies, unfortunately, we invest 50% of the total investment in useless spending, excise officers and police benefit from us." we are happy with our business ventures and profits, "he continued.

Such goods often take away the hands of corrupt officials. Additional problems arise for revolutionaries and other gangs who are looking for big taxes and ransom fees. One has to fly to Bangkok to order the goods in bulk. Although the import of such goods is lawful, according to the new trade policy, retailers have to follow the traditional and dangerous way of obtaining such products. In Bangkok, the retailer orders the product range and returns. The person concerned will do its utmost to deliver the goods to Myanmar's border. From here, the owner imports goods. A shopping mall from the border to the mall is a struggle for these poor traders. "This is the only way to do business, there is no other way for foreign goods," complained Kennedy, owner of Style Zone. He also added that if we were in other Indian states, our business would be a great profit. "The army who is on the freeway is torturing us and confiscating the goods whenever they want, with no other means than filing for tyranny, if we have business, they have to suffer," Kennedy added. Another owner, Mani, expresses his anger against the state and the central government for not allowing free trade. "The government does not like us to prosper, so it does not open the orders physically, in the media and in the global meetings the free trade policy and economic co-operation."

The advertising and media campaign is totally zero, should invest in such campaigns. This is a bonus for them. Anand, another shop owner at Leima's shopping mall, said, "Our products are the best, so we do not have to make more efforts for our customers, but simply talk about it."

Contrary to the big bazaar and mega mart offers discounts, discounts and purchases free of charge from a free promotion system, shopping malls in Manipur offer nothing but the best in reasonable quantities. Each year, shopping malls celebrate the reception day where the shopkeeper offers valuable presents to all customers, whether in shirts or trousers.

Anand continued: "We miss the full support of government in commerce." In India, I want to do business, create a common platform for the distribution / retail of such foreign clothing in other Indian cities. "Exactly when fashion business is influenced by changing Indian trade policy it supports the overflow of foreign goods to all parts of Indian cities. With this Indian fashion scene, it gets a new South Asiatic mix, much cheaper and more fashionable than today's fashion show.

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