Silk painting can be made into a profitable business

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It's hard to live a life of art or even silk painting. Most artists are working on an exhibition where their artworks are presented and sold. But as the gallery usually gets 33% and the framer gets 33%, the artist has only 33%, and he can have enough work for a year for the exhibition.

The most important way to earn income is to commercialize the work. This means painting it to suit what the customer wants, not what he wants to produce. And the marketing of your product is also very different. You do not have to rely on an exhibition, but you can choose to sell it at retail outlets and / or via the internet.

I found silk painting that allowed me to satisfy potential customers; specifically tourists. Silk is lightweight, so it is a great gift for the traveler to pack their bags. & # 39; For tourists, something specific about "Australia" focused on my Australian motif on Australian fauna and flora. Being a "bush" child (I still had to do a correspondence school), the subject made it appropriate for "T"

Tourists also wanted something that was not too expensive and eye-catching. It was not hard to catch my job because the colors of silk painting are nothing special, but when it comes to a low-priced product, artists are always fighting, they spend so much time and effort in their work that they are not able to pay for their work for a reasonable amount

Strangely enough Since my training was an art teacher, I decided to teach people to paint in my style and there before I could meet the growing demands and leave time to create artworks sold at the exhibitions. I also held five exhibitions where my work ran out

I made samples for my colleagues and painted a pattern of silk painting (usually a scarf). In the original drawing, I clearly wrote about the color I used. Then I showed an employee how to do it and allowed them to make a silk painting on their own. I would look at and, if necessary, advise on how to achieve better results. Only three or four attempts would be required by the staff before an acceptable silk scarf had been created.

Payment to painters is a fraction of a share; but paid per product instead of an hourly pay. Furthermore, if errors occurred, these silk pieces were sold only at the cost; so I've never been out of my pocket. It worked very well and produced thousands of silk prints and produced a comfy profit.

As long as the artist is not too valuable & # 39; and does not stigmatize the commercial exploitation of his skills, then the silk artist can live a good life.

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