Sneakerhead Classification Guide: Name your passion

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Sneakerheads are shoes like chocolate chocoholics. We kiss them like candy. But not all sneakerheads are the same. Just like chocolate chocolates, while others are in the dark, the sneakerheads all have their own individual taste. Yet they are tied together. They often connect the brand to talk. It may be like Mike with the Jordan. Or maybe they're talking about Nike Dunk?

Are you the sneakerhead? Or are you sneakerhead's friends? Do you just want to identify the sneakerheads that your natural habitats meet? Learn the secrets of Sneakerheadology.

As a shoe leader, I'm happy to help you classify manic disorders or learn to read the signs in others. Jump to the world of sneakerheads and their manifold forms through the four main types below.

Anyway, if you see yourself in one of the descriptions below, here are some tips. Since science has not found a cure, it requires a large amount of purchases, purchases and purchases. He always worked for me and I get so much compliments in my shoes that I have to do something good.

Sneakerhead Type 1: Hip Hop Couture Sneakerhead

The Hip Hop Couture shoe is a man (or woman) at the street pace. These sneakerheads have a history. There is probably no fashion item that is closely related to any genre of music.

Sneakers and hip-hop are inherited together. Some of your historical favorites? Adidas and Air Jordans. In the 80's, Run DMC kicked off Adidas hardcore and even made a song for them, in 1986, to "My Adidas". Another monumental sneakerhead event of the 80s: Nike revolutionized Air Jordans footwear.

Since then, tons of stars have been added to the sneakerhead game, they have launched their own streetwear lines with dumb kicks. Limited edition masterpieces can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The most sought-after Wu Tang Dunk Hi has gone for $ 7,500. For mere mortals, we can find Nike Dunks, which come from about one hunder.

Sneakerhead Type 2: Performance Junkie Sneakerhead

Performance Junkie is a hypothetical target market for track shoes. It may be no longer the core markets – even if shoe makers pretend to be, sometimes – but are still key to the shoe industry.

Athletes are probably the cleanest kind of boots. The Performance Junkie constantly overthrows the horizon of the next big thing in the chosen sport .

Imagine what the world was like the rubber ball. Now think about today's performance engineer. There are Sneaker labs. The shoes will get the attention of the developing jet engine. Scientists and engineers are constantly looking for the extra thumbs to jump, extra feet in the sprint, seizing, rotating, lighter. [3]

] Sneakerheads are cosmopolitan. Many Urban Legends have found the sidewalks in the cities of the world. Even if they do not live in the Big City, they have the metropolitan thinking.

What are these sneakerheads on their feet? Alexander McQueen, Diesel, Dsquared2, and all the little labels that are in great style. Urban Legends sometimes comes to the shoes industry and sometimes choose sneakers for fashion designers. However, Urban Legend is the designer's intelligence. He is fashionably masculine head to toe, a hawthorn's eyes foot fashion.

The Urban Legend sneakerhead talk about shoes for passion is an art critic. You may be willing to pay for the highest dollar for a real artwork. Of course this is in a box.

Sneakerhead Type 4: Joe Friday Sneakerhead

Joe Friday is a sneakerhead by default. He's the usual, everyday male man and the real men are wearing shoes.

You may be looking sporty or having a game that is played from time to time but does not compete for the titles. There is no need for the professional edge for the game that Performance Junkie definitely requires. [Joe] Joe can not recognize the many brands he likes Urban Legend. Yamamoto me? And maybe there will not be a chance to be a hip-hop star when you see a man, the less what kind of shoe proposals he made. But she feels the best in T-shirts, jeans and her favorite shoes.

The Joe Friday sneakerhead is not really interested in fashion and engineers, but it's worth a good, solid shoe. Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Asics, Puma, Adidas, etc. He is a fan of basic shoes. Run with your flock or make a sneakerhead slot on your own. We have so many choices today that the world is the common oyster. Replace it.

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