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Most of us loved to come out and buy ourselves clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, or anything that is our imagination. This is a pleasant activity, no doubt but expensive. Sometimes we are looking for ways to pamper yourself in a small retail therapy. And very often we get to things we do not really need or worse, look awful the next day. So you wonder why you thought it looked good? Perhaps a friend encouraged me to buy it? Maybe at a reasonable price. Whatever the reason, it's time to understand what you're buying at the end and why.

Before leaving the nearest mall, think about these things:

• Take a small cruise on your wardrobe; repeat what you are doing.

• Now enter what you need. If you have a budget, keep the list important.

• If you are a person who looks at bargaining or selling, then plan where your list is going to get the most out of your money.

• To talk about money, it would be useful if we were to keep in mind that money was difficult to find and spending on frivolity would not be the best way to use it.

• It's still the subject of money, make an approximate budget about what you want to spend and withdraw this amount. It is better to pay in cash than with a card. Plastic money can lose track of your spending. It is also unnecessary to point out the interest rates charged by credit card companies.

• If you want to buy an online dress then one of the smart ways to look at your favorite brands. If you have something to have your eyes, try it at a nearby store and see how it looks good before you order online.

• However, if you go to the store, take the place to check the background of the store, it may be a surprise. Something you've been watching earlier at the beginning of the shop is an incredible discount.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you'll find that you've managed to keep your budget, and your post-purchase treatment should be discontinued.

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