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There are many great brands today that provide care for sports, fitness and recreation enthusiasts. Nike was knocking for the first place when they borrowed Michael Jordan's basketball legends to support them because everyone at the height of the ad campaign was like Mike. They continued to dominate and confirmed that they were in the top spot when selecting the best stars in the golf course and then Tiger Woods.

Adidas is another leading brand in the recent campaign celebrating authenticity, showing their co-operation with the world's top designers. These brands are fighting not only fighting with innovative products, becoming more and more popular as a sample or launching award-winning advertising campaigns, but also in the film industry.

In 2000, the movie What Women Want star Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt was a great success. The story is about an advertising agency who has awakened one day to be able to read the women's minds. True, the actors and the act make a good movie, but Nike has been looking for this movie.

There is no better way to introduce a new way of thinking about women's shoes that are great in every area – sports, fitness and relaxation. The film explained the whole process that Nike had to pass to create a product. Just in case you're curious, in the movie, the Nike advertising representatives were not actors who actually came from Nike and that Nike has a whole bunch of women for Nike Women.

Adidas, however, was aiming. The goal is the small town boy's success story, which made it so great in soccerlandia. Though hardly humbled than Nike, the film emphasized that Adidas was the first in football. Nike can decide on the throne of basketball, but soccer or football will always be Adidas the number one shoe.

Sports equipment is lighter in their ads, not a lot of brouhaha, just about the quality of the equipment. Athletes are almost always the number one in their fields, but they do not necessarily have to be market players as their clothing supporters. counter. The point is that the best players in our area are using us, so if you choose to use it, you are still the number one one. Their knowledge is more than their general approach because of their approach.

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