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Shoes were originally designed to protect the wearers' feet from extreme temperatures and cold. But over the years, the simplicity of this goal has become something aesthetic. Shoes have since become part of people's personality. Some look at the shoes to get a glimpse into the wearer's personality. It is said that clean or dirty shoes tell a lot about man.

Women are especially special about footwear. They will probably live with a couple. They like to buy different pairs and match their different clothes, and sometimes spend huge sums just to increase their growing shoe collection. Fashionable clothes, accessories and of course shoes are the things you find in a ladies' wardrobe. Men will never understand women's relationship with their shoes. High heels or flat shoes are a pleasure for both women's eyes. However, there are differences in its use.

High heels are not so easy to wear and can cause pain in women's ankles or soles. Yet, the mere glitter and attractiveness of this type of footwear is not what prevents girls from imagining. When women wear high heels, especially petite ones, they feel taller and their legs seem longer. So these shoes somehow increase their self-confidence. In particular, stilettos are very attractive to women.

On the other hand, some women choose the simplicity and flexibility of flat shoes. Of course, comfort is one of the reasons why they do not wear corners larger than one centimeter. Apartments, unlike high heels, do not cause pain on the ankles or soles, and women just love the mobility they offer.

Pumps are another type of women's footwear that is cross-section between stilettos and homes. The piston straps are about one and a half to two inches long. These shoes are very comfortable, yet elegant. Generally, these women wear the office or spend casual social events in the daytime.

Stilettes, homes or pumps, women love shoes and passionately wear them. Needless to say, women enjoy mixing and matching different dresses with their different shoes that come in different colors and styles.

However, regardless of whether they are men or women, the choice of shoes is usually the pillar of any gear. For example, a woman can change her overall appearance without changing her dress. It's just a shoe change and everyone will see a noticeable difference.

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