Squishies – The latest crazy buggy high schools and beyond

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Children are naturally-born collectors. They also like fashion. Enter Squishy. These Japanese imports are the latest craze and are quite excited. It is not only difficult to find it because it is not sold in the average shop, most adults have never heard of them.

Today we will answer all the common questions that squishies get. Who are they? Squishies are soft, "bread" like masks, or a kind of roast good, a character or a combination of both. They are the latest version of stress ball, yet softer and "kawaii" (the Japanese word "cute"). Squishies are usually scented, the most common choice being cake or bread. Typically, squishies are connected to a mobile phone hood or keychain.

Why do kids like it? Well, of course they are cute. Squishies are tangible and fun for kids to "recycle" over and over, hence the name. Add the sweet smell and have several sensory games that are quite irresistible.

Where did this charm come from? Like many great fashion, this is one of the entertaining and whimsical imports from Japan. Japanese teens (and adults!) They like to decorate mobile phones with fake treatments, fruits and gems. This is called deco-den. You've probably seen someone whose Hello Kitty cell phone "burst out" in this way. In addition to treating their mobile phones as kawaii, they like to wear loud or funny straps as much as they can. Mobile phone straps have a huge tendency in Japan and have been around for years.

By trying to find out that kids in the United States are obsessed with fun, we seem to have narrowed down a powerful source: YouTube. Find the word squishies on YouTube and find hundreds of hundreds of videos on them. The worms are traded on YouTube, kids and even adults, presenting their filthy collection and even trying to make home-made cages. There are two things that make these videos completely clear. A. These kids are absolutely obsessed with squishies. B. They want a lot of things, and the more "rare" the better.

Where can you find rarity, or usually squishy? In Japan you will find the best selection. Of course, most parents refuse to travel around the world with a five-dollar trinket. Another place that from time to time seems to appear in Japanese cities and even in Chinese cities, which exist in a handful of cities across the country. The simplest place to find them with your finger.

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