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United States Virgin Islands St. Thomas Island is Charlotte Amalie, the most popular boat port on the Caribbean. This 32 square kilometer island is full of beautiful beaches, emerald mountains and towering mountains covered with fantastic houses houses that make the island a sight to look at. St. Thomas is the most americanized island in the US Virgin Islands, with stylish resorts, delicious meals and trendy shops. Shopping is the most beautiful part of the Caribbean, and speaks breathtakingly about the island's colonial past.


The most popular sight on St. Thomas is Drake's Seat, a hill above the harbor where Sir Francis Drake started to sit and watched his shipyard. In addition, the Mountain Top offers spectacular views of the United States Virgin Islands, though tourists interested in having to experience the spectacular experience. Magens Bay Beach is a beautiful St. Thomas beach, recently named National Geographic, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Finally, the colonial architecture across the islands is a peculiar sightseeing and the best shopping for a daytime walk through the island's streets.

Night Life

St. Thomas is well known for its best shopping attractions in the Caribbean. Charlotte Amalie is the best place to go for a shopping day like Waterfront and Main Streets. The meal offers a fantastic experience in St. Thomas, with restaurants serving everything from traditional Caribbean dishes to Asian cuisine, to typical fast food restaurants. Fresh fish is all you want on a Caribbean island. There are many bars and clubs on the island where visitors can comfortably enjoy drinking and dancing on live music

Outdoor Attractions

St. Thomas has many nature reserves and parks. Tourists can kayak and snorkel by St. Thomas Marine Sanctuary and Mangrove Lagoon. Beginning January-April, the northern end of the island mingles with pitfalls. For hikers, there are many mountain ranges in St. Thomas that are perfect for mountaineering. The mountain peaks offer spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and the American Virgin Islands. Boating is another popular outdoors activity as well as golfing. St. Thomas is home to some highly rated golf courses. Finally, merchants on the island offer many other outdoor activities, such as gliding, horseback riding and scuba diving.

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