Starting Your Own Paintball Field – Marketing & Start-Up Tips

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If you are one of those few who already have land and want to turn it into a paintball box, you've done it! You can play it as you like, and if you want, you can do business. If you like the most you love, you can pay money on the real estate you use (or as rent or lender). For most people, the cost of launching a commercial paintball field is forced into business mode. If you have the right place, your marketing plan and setup, then running a paintball court can make great money. Plan ahead and start small!

Once you have received the quotation on all devices, you will soon realize how committed you will be due to the amount of debt you can accumulate quickly. Costs of initial equipment require loans for most people; you have to consider the ongoing monthly invoices … a mortgage bill (if any), continuous stock like paintballs and spare parts for your weapons. Do not forget that your liability insurance cover will cover you if someone gets injured.

With a high level of commitment, it's best to start a clear plan from the start in paintball. Write a business plan with a mission statement and written goals, timelines. Prepare yourself with an aggressive marketing plan that not only includes initial start-ups, but regular, ongoing promotional ideas.

Before you begin such a journey, read what your hands can catch. Take the time for research companies thoroughly before doing business with them. Keep in mind: how you handle how one of your customers can handle it if you want to deal with them. If possible, switch to different paintball courts in different areas / states to talk to your owner and leaders; look around to steal the ideas and observe how it works. Just spend time on successful fields; check out if you can find more ways to make money on your own territory by copying successful exercises.

Another great way to earn money in your field is to get a Pro-Shop in the concession. This is a small shop where players can buy paintball weapons and equipment from you. In any case, you had to be a trader to get a better deal when you purchased your initial equipment; you can still try to sell more of your products. Sell ​​parts, upgrade kits, signs, masks and even clothing if you want. At the pro shop you can attract new customers in your area. Sometimes people who just came to the paintball store did not even know that there is a field in which you can play – they can become patrons themselves.

Once you get all the equipment, your course is ready and the doors are open …. The initial success of the paintball store's business depends on one thing – how effective and consistent your marketing is. Learn how a new paintball field is open to business in all possible ways. Flying campaigns for churches, schools, youth groups, boys and girls; website / landing page and direct mail campaigns are a good start.

As far as possible, take part in the local community. It supports competitions and organizes events in your area. Support a local team in your area – and put them into the business of marketing your business! It may be wise to travel to the net or to the inflatable field (wall) whereby a temporary paintball field / arena can be placed. A paintball event for a community festival, city event or even a block partner is a great way to get the word from your area.

Additionally, it is a good idea to consider adjusting your business plan to a higher level, so that it affects the greater benefit. This means that the paintball court not only earns money, but also helps problematic teenagers (or any other reason they want to help). Since paintball is mostly teenagers and a great, safe flow of energy and movement – why not choose this group? Who knows maybe you can even help a troubled teenager or two? Positioning for such reasons can also help attract new and different customers – who have nothing to do with paintball, but they will continue to be supporters who support the case.

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