Stella McCartney Women's Tennis Dress – How It Started

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Only one who … Stella McCartney

A child aid, a young, hard-working mother, one of the best fashion designers in his generation, Christian, responsible for human and animal justice, Stella suggests is a real star. Stella blessed and cursed by being the first born of his prominent parents, Sir Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman McCartney. Even before her birth she made music history. Linda had a hard job, and baby Stella came into the world through caesarean section. His father was supposedly praying that he was born on the "angel's wing," so Wings had chosen Paul and Linda as a new band. Quickly forward a few years, and it would not be difficult to think that Stella was a light childhood, but that is not entirely true. Because of their famous parents, they were troubled at school and his men decided to develop such important values ​​as independence and creativity. However, they were very supportive and taught Stella to be confident. Stella was looking for washed dishes to buy her clothes. She could not afford the fashion magazines, but she might be why she was so innovative. Stella thinks her late mother Linda is a fashion lady. Linda cared about fashion, but she was also independent of her. If the promising style does not fit, Linda will wear what she likes, because she meets her and feels good. So it can never be a slave to fashion. the attitude to Stella has given a foundation renamed by the brand.

"I've been angry all my life since I'm independent." – Stella McCartney

Stella began her career at the age of 15, working with Christian Lacroix in her first collection and learning how to customize the famous Saville Row in London. She then attended the St. Martens Art and Design College in her final year collection, but not for any good reason. She chose her girlfriends Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Yasmin Le Bon as her model. His parents offered a high standard of assurance that the world's media would fall down on these small student shows, and some of the other students claimed to be circus. The last year's collection was bought by Browns, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, so all hard work began to be paid.

After only two collections, Stella took over the work of Chloe's creative director, a very uncomfortable Karl Lagerfeld. It turned out that Chloe had thoughtful moves; their profile and profits were raised after the first collection of Stella in October 1997. After her mother's tragic death in 1998 was her mother's honor, Stella stepped up her campaign against cruelty to animals, actively joined PeTA & # 39; (Ethical Treatment of Animals) Campaign. He resumed his deal with Chloe in 2000, but there were reports that Gucci approached Stella and refused Gucci for Stella's need for skin work. Gucci offered to sign Stell 50/50 to sign a label with no strings. He picked them up and started his first business in New York in 2002, followed a second in Mayfair, London, and in September 2003, in Los Angeles, on a birthday in Los Angeles for a business and a first perfume.

– This collection for women who take their sport and style seriously. – Stella's latest collection of Adidas

In September 2004, Stella launched a joint venture with Adidas, making the classic Stella McCartney tennis apparel The entry of the Spring / Summer collection in the fifth season is a complex yet customized look that continues to flourish. In Stella McCartney's clothing, the Adidas ClimeLite (r) fabric technology provides a comfortable game, Stella McCartney's Adidas production has not been damaged in any way, and it involves people Stella has no other way, yet another good reason to admire this remarkable young woman

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