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The next time you look at a great set of popular Rap or hip-hop dancers, you may not notice that you are watching a pretty story. The rap and hip hop frenzy began to sober before the garments came out and captured the hearts and eyes of a few generations. The effects of rap music, scratch records, and disco-jocke's mixing effects on North American music and beyond. In the Bronx, the iconic, mostly imported Jamaican influences began in 1975 and the industry grew and flourished, in rap the height of the 80s and the development of hiphop and urban music in the 90s and 2000s, years. The musical impact of rap and hip hop artists is significant, but the impact of these stars on clothing can be considered as a huge impact.

The urban clothing movement has taken off in stores, but now that the internet has become our main shopping mall, the trend of online apparel sales has become extremely popular. The trend of urban clothing, which results from viewing the music videos of popular hip-hop and rap artists and back-up dancers, has created the following, resulting in a growing demand for clothing. Rappers and hip hop artists, such as P Diddy or Wu Tang Clan, have taken this high fashion trend into account and created styles of rappers and hip-hop artist garments. style. Musicians are now emulating the great performances of music videos and I go to the clubs to listen to the songs they like, elegantly and trendy.

The Internet has become a shopping mall for the times, and anything that can be found in online urban clothing. The most popular clothing lines are easy to find the search. The popularity of these garments is available to most people at a cheaper price than most boutique shops. People who want to imitate the wonderful stars can change their clothes by buying the clothing lines produced directly by rap and hip-hop artists or by artists becoming part of another brand (Nike, Adidas, Under Armor) , then fans would like to copy these fashion trends. If your favorite rap artist is wearing a fashionable name-brand shoe or a T-shirt, he often prompts us to start and continue this trend in our own night at the club.

The impact of rap and rap music, then hip-hop and all iterations has changed the music business over the decades. The effects were huge and they did not deny that they went through the fashion and clothing business as well. The internet creates the way to get everything done.

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