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Supra, the name itself is something creative, new and fresh. Supra is a Latin word that is "beyond and beyond", and the creator himself thinks it's important to get a great name for a fresh new hip nod for young young people. Supra shoes are not traditional Nike shoes. Nikes is great, but many would have liked the competitor, someone who created something new and exciting and run Nike for their money and personal opinion, I think Supra did. Experimenting uninterrupted traditions, colors and designs, as well as adding loyal fans from Nike to Converse for Adidas, Supra managed to spontaneously burn in the black market, flooded with lo-fi blando shoes. Over the model of the neoclassical Skytop and the 14 carat gold Chad Muska, many people were watching and sold out in nano seconds.

The reasons that Supra are appealing are challenging patterns that are as reckless as the original, sporty multiple buckles, gold chains, and dazzling patented leather. The "top-of-the-top" design successfully overcame the huge, competitive footwear market that is packed with black, lo-fi athletic shoes.

Angel Cabada, a self-confident dog lover and native Californian, Supra Footwear is a skate and street-inspired shoe company that Angel kick started in 2006. He tried to find the cabin working fast food and did not like it, Angel finally found his call when he started dressing up with his friends. In addition, as they say, the rest of history. In less than three years Cabada has somehow built one of the most fashionable footwear brands, and now Greek skateboarding, Chad Muska, Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Tom Penny and Antwian Dixon also support it. In addition to the big fan skateboarding compositions, Supra's music industry has attracted the attention of big names such as Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne.

Before Supra, Angel started with TSA, which lasted ten years. Come in 2002, Angel launched the KR3W, which is still under One Distribution, and both the KR3W and Supra Footwear umbrellas. Supra Footwear, launched in 2005, is relatively new on the spot, but oh boy, this baby was fascinated by the footwear scene. The Supra KR3W should have been a footwear, the creator thought more and it would create a conflict with the team, so after a lot of brainstorming and thinking, Supra was extremely a footwear label.

When Benjamin Franklin was looking for energy, people laughed. When Wright Brothers wanted to fly, people laughed. So it's obvious that Angel knew how he felt when people started laughing about the Supra Skytops idea and when they invested $ 100,000 in the first few samples. However, looking back, we are sure that Angel recently laughed. Shoes also reach international shores, and people from Tokyo to Paris and London and Sydney want shoes to be part of a branded shoe collection.

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