T-Shirt Artwork and copyright – Who is ours?

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From the beginning just because you paid the artists to make you a unique design, does not mean that you are the owner of the design or – you have not yet (yet) purchased the design right – only the work done; it's like a license. Whatever you want is copyright protection for design, so make sure you have this language with a contract with the author – and yes, you get a contract, especially in this area. You do not have to imagine something and you can do it yourself, but just make sure that the language claims that you have the copyright to the created plan.

copyright authors, authors, composers, and artist creators & # 39; published or printed materials by unauthorized publishing of works without permission. The copyright procedure is actually much simpler than the patent, and processing fees only cost $ 30. Copyright is actually created from work. And there is no need for actual paperwork to be submitted – but it makes it much simpler to file a lawsuit with anyone who uses your plan without your permission. You still have to sue and sometimes win without the copyright notice, but you should have otherwise demonstrated that you came to the design for the first time and find out the date. Copyright filtering creates a public record of copyright, which makes it much easier for someone to file a lawsuit.

As for the small copyright symbol (© – this is not a requirement, but again it is known to others that copyright is in the file and that others may not use their copyright-protected design without your permission.

But the question is, let's get an artist to work for you. A self-employed artist (that is, not your employee) defaults to copyright ownership unless the copyright is transferred and this transfer in the case of a person who has to sue for the breach of your copyright, first of all, it is not easy for the employee to produce the plan, and the employer is the copyright

a process that tracks people who can use design, especially in the T-shirt industry, and then adds the lawyer to resume them, but if you decide to sue, if you have registered your copyrights before the breach events, then there is more compensation (legal damages) and reimbursement of attorney fees. If you did not enter the design before the violation, the damage will only be limited to the actual damage (eg money lost due to the infringement).

This is, of course, just a basic thing about what may be the gray area of ​​the law, but more information on the government's website is copyright.gov

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