T-shirt printing – For garment directly for screen printing

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Printing machines with Direct To Garment (DTG) printing, the process of printing cotton-based fabrics (eg Tshirts) with a large inkjet printer is much better than screen printing than screen printing. More environmentally friendly, less time-consuming and cost-effective for smaller runners.

DTG T-shirt printing is more environmentally friendly than screen printing. DTG uses water-based inks to print directly to clothing, which means that there is no excess toner during actual printing and the only waste is generated from cleaning the occasional print head – it should be noted that not all of the outer materials contain ink only . Of course, head printing can be avoided by regular maintenance of the printer, so it is sufficient to clean it once a day – one milliliter. Then, as long as the waste ink is improperly installed, printers with the DTG method have virtually no environmental impact. However, screen printing contains excessive ink from the template parts that are not printed on the t-shirt, and when the screens are cleaned, excess ink is then washed into the drain.

The screen printing process involves creating a template and then applying a template to a fabric. The template can be created manually or with a photo emulation, and a new screen is required for each color of the design. DTG only uses software and computers to send plans directly to the printer, and it can take up to every second to print all colors at once. (Darker textiles first print a white layer and then the other colors). DTG takes much less time to install, and this is particularly useful when printing small t-shirts.

Smaller (less than 50) conveyor bands are more cost effective than DTG printing than screen printing. The minimum setting with DTG printing means that the sweater is as low as 1, which is made from 5 to 10 dollars (including T-shirt), and white printing can take 2 minutes. Screen printers can claim to print more economical than larger prints, but with multiple colors, and then the drying time is unlikely.

The "Direct To Garment" printing tshirts is much better than screen printing. While both methods are of high quality, DTG is much more environmentally friendly, less time-consuming and cost-effective for smaller runs. While screen printing is a tried-and-tested test method for printing pressure, DTG printing seems to be the way forward.

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