T-shirt printing – Type of special printing can be used for shirts

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T-shirt printing is uniquely customizable by using custom printing methods and dyes. Here is a list of the different methods and materials that can be used for special T-shirt printing.


The effect of the puffiness is an elevated, slightly spongy texture. This is the most common of 3-dimensional T-shirts. Puff can be combined with other special paints, such as foil or velor. Puff can be tucked in, halftone and in multiple colors. Prints have a higher risk of overflow and crack, but successful printing is very durable and can cure in a drier only with one run


The file resembles texture and weight. Using moderately, visual and tactile interest in the design of the t-shirt.


Suede ink looks just like ribbon, but the animals did not hurt to print the suede's shirt – just ink! Thick, so you should not use huge designs.

Chromatic Inks

Chromatic inks change in different colors like a squid! These three types of ink meet the different conditions:

o light chromatic dye: light sensitive

o thermoclimatic ink: heat sensitive

o hydrochromatic: water sensitive (how cool is this? Very cold!) [19659002] Like gold leaf, this paint is metallic and thin. Not applicable directly to a T-shirt. Instead, a layer of film glue or a cold shell heat transfer layer.


Blistering Inks look like a loop on a vinyl print of a really worn t-shirt, where the inversions randomize the entire ink pad. This is a heavy ink that should not be used in large areas. In contrast, details are not appropriate for the details, so they can only be used instead of differentiated forms.


This ink printed through the T-shirt, almost like a second skin! Although using low-textured inks, you may expect to see a change in fabric texture in such high coverage.


Glitter, crystalline and glossy inks can be used to add pizazz. These paints are available in metallic colors and rainbow colors.


As a construction worker waistcoat, reflective paint is visible in every light, but it really stands out under the light of the light. the night


Discharged dyes are those that remove the dye from the fabric as bleach. Instead of adding colors instead of printing, the resulting image has no textures. For darker shirts, color may be the color of the original color, especially for royal blue and kelly green dyes when the image is light blue or light green. This kind of screen printing can only be applied on 100% cotton tees that are treated with reactive dye. Instead of adsorption, reactive dyes bind to the fabric with a chemical reaction when the molecule and the fiber form covalent bonds. Beside the compatibility with blank paints, this kind of dye is much more durable than the absorbent paint. Discharged dyes are not the most varied, but they fit well and have little effect on the wearing of the shirt.

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