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Convergence between new media (mobile and internet) and old media (TV, print and radio) creates new business models for customer acquisition, retention, and monetization. The online advertising industry is concerned with the purchase and sale of advertising space that viewers access through the Internet. Advertising is part of the new media (all media such as various audiovisual effects, over 17-inch display, streaming and streaming audio, 3-D and virtual reality environments and effects, highly interactive user interfaces for all kinds of communications that have high bandwidth It requires CD and DVD media, telephone and digital data integration, online communities, programmable microcomputers, live internet broadcasting such as MBone, personal data processing (similar to CU-SeeMe), and a lot of visual communication will grow significantly over time as web-based content and services are expanding and people have access to the Internet through several devices, such as mobile phones and televisions.

Everyone knows India has a large population. This large population offers tremendous opportunities in different demographic segments. One of these attractive segments is the youth or teenage population who knows India has a large population. This large population offers tremendous opportunities in different demographic segments. Indian teenagers have a tremendous market potential for a lot of products: Fashion Accessories, Fast Foods, Books, Education, Clothing, Music and Electronics, Sports, Entertainment.

India's home to the largest teenager population anywhere in the world. India is about 115.3 million teenagers. This number exceeds the number of teenagers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Youth is a major part of India's growing internet user base.

Young people have a terrible impact on the sale of products for the economy, companies, the media and culture.

About 47% of the current 1 billion people in India India are younger than 20 years old and around 160 million in teenagers. They already have a $ 2.2 billion discretionary income, and their families spend an additional $ 3.7 billion a year. These youths will demand a cosmopolitan society that is a full member of the global economy. The teenage population is about 22 million people in the urban middle class and are capable of dramatically affecting the economy as they are older. Many young people have a first taste of growing prosperity and expectations. Their $ 6.5 billion spending power – their own discretionary income and their family's costs – spends economic influence and parents' influence on shopping decisions from computers, cars to watches and TV. Indian teenagers buy the same spirits, chocolates and jeans sold in India (19659002) Market Potential

Old-fashioned Indian family-owned companies are increasingly supplying the youth market

Few early investors already enjoy this huge teenage population Levi's, Adidas, Nike, MTV, Disney Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, etc. The market is still open to others to enter and exploit the potential.The 2007 year is the "Broadband year, "the Indian government has launched various initiatives

Local Marketplace

Thus, new media solutions are the solution for local retailers, retailers and brands, especially for smaller cities that have always struggled with the expensive forms of advertising and promotions . Consumers now have to face a lot of shopping – many stores store the same product – each offering different value creation and offering. So how does the consumer feel the best deal – where new media comes in? Customers no longer need to spend too much time searching for the right bidding and they will be able to save a lot on new media devices. Primary Service Query or SMS Transaction Search.

According to the mobile advertisement company, the consumer has to send a query to the 6767777 SMS code for the deal. For example, if a Lucknow East consumer is thinking about purchasing Cyprus, all you have to do is write the SMS "Deal Shoes Lucknow E" to 6767777 and get the 3-4 "top deal" # 39; Shoes & # 39; from Lucknow east. & # 39; New media exposure is suitable for every marketing budget and is contextual, as only relevant customers receive ad messages. It provides the minimal waste of the marketing budget as the brand / retailer is only charged if the consumer's ad is seen. This is not possible in other media. It also shows that 30% -35% conversion was significantly higher than any other media. The mobile advertising market is expected to exceed $ 11 billion globally in five years, and India has a significant stake in the country as mobile phones exceed 400 million in 2011.

o Small Indian cities such as Lucknow attract good people from all over the world, including Sewa chikan, Tunde, Parag Dairy and so on. And other local brands like Jashn wear their unique women's clothing. The textiles are carefully selected for maximum comfort and the fine touch of embroidery and decoration adds the extra sparkle that's perfect to help you leave your personal signature in the crowd. And with movie stars like Celina Jaitley, as a brand ambassador, you can not underestimate your advertising budget.

Lucknow's local brands make money for many MNC brands in the city. They have loyal customers and are also buying big stores. However, local brands use the traditional advertising method and do not use new media tools; so they are not able to take full advantage of the benefits. You need to be informed of the significant benefits of new media reports that help you serve a large number of customers around the world and minimize your advertising budgets. By 2010, the online advertising market (globally) is nearly $ 61 billion, compared to the magazine's market, about $ 60.5 billion ($ 29.3 billion) (source: Business India). Online advertising should grow by 3.1 percent in 2008-09 and 7.1 percent in financial year 2010-11 (source: Business India)

Bluetooth or proximity advertising solutions

Another North- New media coverage in India using Bluetooth or Proximity Advertising

has to turn on the Bluetooth option on their devices and receive the sign-ups and promotions that they put on their handset, which they can download if they like.

o Complexes of movie theaters
o Pubs and bars
o Retail outlets
o Restaurants
o Restaurants

make media paths available today to local advertisers In India, with the exception of Print. We believe that in the near future there will be tremendous value creation in this area. New media devices must be used by local advertisers since

74% of urban teenagers use mobile phones
81% of urban teens using computers.

This is the "Internet era". In the age of the new media, audiences are often large, but often small and usually tiny. Instead of some large-scale media giants, these audiences compete with each other, small businesses and individuals will be competitive or more often collaborating with each other. It is time for the local Indian market to expand and recruit growing MNCs in India with a technology that is affordable and simple. India's global image for an upcoming and progressive nation. Indians have to educate the masses about new media technology if it is to become a superhumanization of global knowledge becoming a reality. The ambitious economic reforms aimed at deregulating the country and encouraging foreign investment have steadily drifted into the fast-growing Asian-Pacific region and liberated the latent power of a complex and rapidly changing nation.

Today India is one of the most exciting emerging markets in the world. A skilled manager and technical manpower that meets the world's best and middle class, provides India with a world-wide competitive edge. Today, India is on a wave of gigantic recovery in a computer-driven new economy. By improving technical and artistic development, India can also be a serious competitor for Western productions. Indian culture influences the Western world in clothing, food and festivals. The Indian diaspora is growing in economic upswing and status. So we can expect a promising future in India due to the unprecedented growth of the economy. The XXI. Hundreds can fit well in India if you take full advantage of your resources and expertise, that is, your workforce resources and local brands.

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