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Technological acceptance in retail and its benefits for SMEs and LS Retail Suite is a viable option

The retail market is showing explosive growth. We need to see mushrooming of shopping malls and malls in the Indian subway and small town to understand the credibility of growth. The Indian retail sector has been unorganized for years, mainly mainly in single store shops, some retail chains, and the friendly neighborhood of "Kirana". These sales channels had pre-historic supply chains, inefficient inventory management, very few clients were at the center, and most of them belonged to the small and medium category. The sudden escalation of demand and the greater awareness of customers in terms of quality products and services created a vacuum that could only be achieved by an organized retail sector with refined supply chains, efficient stock management and a full customer-focused view that is foreign to India.

Technology is one of the most important factors in delivering organized and efficient retail operations. IT is a key element in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and profitability. A typical pan-nation retail operation will have several regional warehouses, offices and retail outlets. In such an operation, how does the center know the daily turnover of each business, how do you know which products are best selling the region where the business is, what is a store knowing that a batch in stock is available in its store in another store, to which a moving object is slowly moving. Most of these issues can be solved by using the technology properly. The fact that they have real-time information on current information and is part of the technology's return to analyze data for better forecasting.

Retailers across the country believe that shrinkage affects millions of retailers due to stock picking, handling, and administrative errors. In a highly competitive, cost-conscious industry, the right IT and telecommunications infrastructure can be a difference and can result in better productivity and greater cost savings through more accurate supply chain forecasting and better inventory management.

For example, if you are in a position where a retailer wants to increase the loyalty customer base, an organization that has relevant IT systems has a standby client computer database each time you purchase it to use for mailboxes or promotional catalogs. Another example where IT may be advantageous is a storage management system that warns off-site or inventory. Magnetic strips or bar codes or RFID storage system that monitors the actual or planned product site on the floor or in the warehouse. RFID encoded shelf border labels using embedded pole tracers enabled a grid to certify polyclinic compliance for conventional shelves and promotional displays, and an alert alert for false items sent to staff. Great gains can be achieved for frequently moved and misplaced items, such as clothes, shoes, CDs, and DVDs.

Appropriate technology investment can have a positive impact on business by delivering better operational efficiency, increased profitability, happier customers, and competitive advantage.

LS Retail is an end-to-end retail solution covering everything from POS to the backrest and the central office. Deployment from a single POS to a complex, multi-storey environment that integrates general business.

Landsteiner Strongur is one of the major companies that develop over 10,500 stores in over 130 countries across the international arena, translated into 30 languages, and customers such as IKEA, Adidas, NAAFI, Debenhams, Pizza Hut and Cabins supermarket. An internationally proven retail software solution such as LS Retail provides:

  • Enhanced Storage Efficiency
  • Enhanced Data Integrity
  • Delivered Inventory Control
  • Reduced Shrinkage, Blunders and Losses
  • Comprehensive Business Analyzes [19659010]
  • POS for multi-level retailing
  • Full integration with backend systems

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