The advantages and disadvantages of being a nurse anesthetize

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The nurse anesthesiologist has anesthetics training to be able to handle anesthesia. In the hospitals and the surgery centers, the nurse works under the supervision of a certified anesthetist. As with any other career potential, this man has the advantages and disadvantages. It would be a good idea to consider them when deciding that this is the right career for you.

The Pros

Pay is attractive. Nurse anesthesiologists receive high salaries, and in fact this is an earning capacity that attracts many in the professional field. You can be sure you enjoy a decent life when you work with this job profile.

Assists the needy. Contrary to what many people think, nurses are not only in the treatment of anesthesia, but also in the treatment of pain. Before surgery, they will take care of the patients after surgery and surgical intervention. That's why they give a lot of help to patients who make it vital to people in all types of surgery. You will love the feeling of saving life through a successful process that he played when he was a nursing anesthetist.

Work attracts professional respect. This is an address that requires professional consideration, considering that doctors, surgeons, and other nurses relying on one another or performing a successful care of patients. You get greater responsibility and autonomy when coming from nurses and surgeons, and doctors rely on counseling and expertise.

You are free to handle patient care. This is a fast paced area, and decisions are based on experience and education. In most cases, you can make decisions without anyone else taking the patient's health and safety.


Your position is highly responsible for you. As a nursing anesthetist, he must be prepared to handle difficult situations, some of which may be panned by patients or their family members. In fact, you can be sure you are safe when situations arise.

You may be working for long hours. Surgical interventions may be quite long and, as nursing anesthetists, there must be a patient's control. Some people can take longer than expected and, once they are done, they must still provide for the patient's recovery. If you are a single nursing anesthesiologist, you should take more than one operation one day.

It can be boring. This is because it does not play an active role in surgical procedures, but should be present to monitor the response of anesthesia patient. You may need to transplant through lengthy surgery.

The field is very competitive and the employer has to engage the job. Nurse anesthesia programs are challenging, but many struggle to gain the diploma and be cut off to defeat the competition.

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