The best items to sell on cold winter days

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Many people who work on swaps save money and get good deals, and cold winter days don't stop them.

Many people buy more in the flea market because they love warmth, but the hard flea market even hits the outdoor flea market when it is snowing because they know that because many have escaped and in a closed space, it does everything. (Mile High Flea Market in Henderson, Colorado is open all year round, yes, even if it is snowing, and merchants and buyers are still coming as usual.)

and new things Are flea marketers successful in the season, continue to follow the rules: they always sell what people want and need.

In winter, people do not want swimwear, shorts and sandals.

heavy coats with a high collar that can close hairy hats that lower their ears to be warm and hold their hands and fingers.

They want a chemical hand warmer. They want thicker socks and warmer shoes and insulated boots. They want the trousers to not cut through the icy life.

Air conditioners and cabinet fans do not sell so well in the winter, but electric space heaters, as well as kerosene heaters, propane heaters, propane tanks and propane hoses.

want snow shovels.

I would like to buy bags of rocky salt and chemical melting compounds on sidewalks and stairs

. Used tires are great sellers, especially in the first few months of winter, but they don't move so well in the summer months.

Good condition used tire chains will also sell well as the traction chains

Cold remedies, cough syrups and cough drops are always sold, but especially in winter. 19659002] Customers are also looking for snowboards, inner tubes and other things to do on the ski slopes

Many flea markets have their own concessions and don't allow anyone to compete with them. But many smaller markets do not have any concessions and can sell coffee and hot chocolate quite well.

Just follow the rules and sell what people want and need. Change stocks with the seasons and success will always be your friend.

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