The evolution of Denim

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The farmer made a long way since the first sailors of the 1500s were wearing the universal trousers for the hard work of the high seas. After that, the tie was called, these comfortable, yet durable trousers and overalls were very popular. Farmers are as popular today as thousands of styles are obtained: embroidery, tears, whitening, and so on. But how did this phenomenon begin? How did the farmers get there today – part of most of each cabinet?

The jeans were first created in France, called "serge de nimes". This term was shortened to "denim" and has since survived. In America, goldsmith miners required such a strong pants that would not wear after a hard-working day. Miners also needed pockets on these pants and belt loops, with a belt and a reliable set of tools. A German businessman soon opened the wholesale store after receiving this request. Workers in the United States started to buy jeans as part of their daily uniform.

In the 19th century, an American company launched the term "denim industry". Farmers became increasingly popular in Western films; which shows the image of robustness and crude power. Buffalo Bill and John Wayne soon became acquainted with their cowboy hats and dirty jeans.

James Dean then picked up this image of strength and added a rebellion. The bad guys have taken their jeans everywhere and staring at the school corridors. In the middle of the 1900s, the teens more and more active began to become interested in the fabric, adding embroidery and clothing to individual appearances. The holes in the pants were only created because the patches were sewn and even more personality was created.

The 1980s jeans were great, and the top designers put the fabric on the runways. The farmer's prices have jumped, as designers have placed their labels on each pair. Not long before the farmer's high prices restored the entire industry. As individuals reduced their clothing costs due to a downturn in the economy, farmers started selling. Today, more than two hundred jeans can be manufactured from a cotton that makes this comfort more comfortable than ever.

The jeans were transformed into T-shirts, jackets, hairdressers and handbags. He was still a pair of working trousers and a fashion designer for the fashion world. Moreover, you no longer need to bring your jeans home and make your own. Styles, cuts and colors are so great; there is no one jeans, it looks.

Denim has made the fair share of the journey through time trials. Until the creation of the first jeans, in the present, jeans are fashion elements. Who knows what shape or stylish jeans will be next.

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