The hatred of thin people does not help to moderate

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I've recently come across an old acquaintance; I would not call her a friend, only someone who was an associate assistant. Now this guy is a very negative person.

He always complained that he never had the money. She complained that life was unfair that things were always so difficult that her ex-wife wanted to keep dry for her new shoes or money for that or money … She always had financial complaints of constant complaints

When something he came up with someone, we knew who works well, he really puts them in, saying, "Who do you think he is?" You think it's glittering, changed. "

Well, that was not true at all, this guy was very difficult with the money.

If someone in the media, for example, get some money for some footballers, then he would say it's ridiculous, a lot of shit and I do not deserve it (I now know that many people are thinking and commenting, but it is an obsession) It even comes to fine details, such as when someone was driving in a nice car or someone we knew they did well and bought a new car, He had a problem with the people who were looking for good money, he thought that all kinds of assets had to be attacked.

When someone was driving in a BMW, he would say, "Oh, they think they're flashing because a they are in a beautiful, big car. With such a car, the insurance has to pay a fortune, why would someone want such a beautiful car? Somebody will probably just come and scratch it. "

At the same time, he had a major concern that he did not have the money.

The point I'm trying to take over is that he has made a real problem with the rich and hated them under consciousness and is as strong as hate, really hated people with money

How difficult it is for your own mind to prevent something that you hate


If you have something to do with doing it well, for example, a job or business opportunity Do you see the brain sabotaging him to make sure he does not get it?

Yo The brain of the ur works to make sure that if you hate something with a passion that gives you a strong emotion, your body protects you from it.

He hated the fortune to make every possible mistake. And I was thinking …

During my work, I work with people who are overweight, and of course I'm talking about a thin person. This is who we need to learn if we want to be healthy. You are not looking at patients, looking at healthy people, and seeing what they are doing, so we look at natural, thin people.

Of course thin people are eating! They eat chips, cakes, biscuits, biscuits, and often are not crazy. But many people who are overweight and thin people are really attacking them. They say, "I would not be so skinny that I would not be like this." Now why is this problem you can ask for?

So many overweight people have such anxiety towards thin people; the same as the poor man, and hates people with money.

You stop from being hated. So if you are overweight and want to lose weight, want thinner or whatever your ideal weight, you really have to think about your chosen language. Really think about your word; and consider the weight you want to be and work towards.

Do not be fooled by me now – there is a magnitude of zero that is disgusting and so many come to me to look for it. Agencies will contact me, saying, "Would you help some of our customers? Unfortunately, they are eight-size (uk) and should be brought to six-size." (Uk) "I will not approach them, no matter what the financial gain, I will not help anyone in this respect."

Sometimes we do not like thinner people, sometimes we do not like someone who is zero in size, but we are trying exactly


List five reasons why you should stay in your weight , which has a negative impact on your life

The reason why you want to be your ideal weight will improve your life

Instead of focusing on others, concentrate on your own goals and your own success and with less frustration and even more pleasure.

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