The history of Puma shoes

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You will never guess, but the story of the Puma shoe company is dramatic due to the World War, the Olympic glory and the brotherhood. The company began humbly. Rudolph and Adolf (Adi) Dassler, two brothers of Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, grew up with a father in a shoe factory and a mother with a small wash shop. Rudolph left his little brother during the First World War. Finally, in 1924, he returned to Herzogenaurach, where he started his own shoe company with the Adi Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. It was the first incarnation to become Puma's shoes. The brothers drove the factory out of their mother's laundry store. It was claimed that a standing bicycle was used to generate energy to run their equipment. In 1936, Adi decided to lead the country to the Olympic Village. There was a suitcase with a briefcase and a simple design: convince US sprinter Jesse Owens to wear the Dassler Brothers' spikes during the races. Adi was successful and won four gold medals after Owens in the summer of Dassler Brothers' athletic shoes worldwide.

Unfortunately, the Second World War was just around the corner. Both brothers joined the Nazi party, but at some point fell out during the war. The facts are not entirely clear, but the divide between the two brothers might have to do with his different political views or Rudolph's conviction that his brother turned to the Americans.

The result was that after the world's A II. In the war, the brothers shared the deal. Adi founded Adidas (from Adi Dassler), and Rudolph took Rudolf Dassler from Ruda. Ruda later baptized Puma again as the Pope of South America.

The dispute between the two brothers continued, as each company struggled to sponsor different athletes. In a particularly memorable business transaction, German sprinter Armin Hary agreed to wear Pumas for a significant prize at the 1960s Summer Olympics. He decided not to wear adidas (which he wore) after adidas resigned to wear the shoes. Hary wore the Puma under the 100-meter dash and triumphed. But he introduced himself to a few adidas at the medal ceremony. The sprinter hoped that both companies would pay, but Adi was so angry that he was not willing to deal with Hary for the rest of Hary's career.

Both brothers are extremely successful. Unfortunately, they never met. They were buried at the opposite ends of the same cemetery

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