The history of urban clothing

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Urban dresses appeared for the first time in the early 1980's to reflect the hip-hop culture at that time. Like music, fashion and clothing have changed, mature and developed over the years as we know, it seems worn all over the world. As always, many fashion trends have followed the clothes and appearance of people in the music industry, and even the hip-hop genre did not differ. In fact, "urban fashion" has developed its own subculture.

When we think about urban fashion, many of us, who have more than a passing, will be able to name designers, but this was not the way back in the early 80's. At that time, he was most closely associated with the most important sportswear companies, such as Nike and Adidas, which Run-DMC calls "My Adidas". Trainees, shoes and lots of blinges had to be known to fashion-conscious followers. A signature hairstyle that determined the boundaries was also considered to be important if you wanted to look at it.

Hip-hop popularity has become increasingly popular, so its legitimacy can be regarded as a musical genre in its own right. As soon as this has happened, urban fashion has become increasingly popular and brands recognized outside the sportswear industry have been recognized. Urban fashion was more than mere craze, it was something left here.

In the beginning, styles can be closely linked to an African influence such as Will and the Continent. As we moved to the 1990s, the Gangsta rap began to become a part of fashion. A street appearance began to develop as a result of both the gang and the prison culture. Baseball caps, low trousers, tees and sports clubs have now taken over the high-profile and stylish original image. Later in the decade, some of them began to look more sophisticated, with double breasted suits and dress shoes, which now became part of the necessary clothes.

Moving to the new millennium, urban fashion has started to grow and has more impact, including non-hip hop people. As a result, large street chains began to incorporate clothes as part of the regions, and the music industry's various artists developed a line of their own, including Russell Simmons Phat Farm and Jay-Z Rocawear.

In the modern era of fashion, we all know the major brands, many of which are still related to sportswear. Some people like to show a lot of skin, while others are certainly much more conservative. No matter how much it suits both men and women, without the right accessories the look would not be complete. Urban fashion is very important in life and life.

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