The history of urban wear, street wear and hip-hop clothing

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Dress is an important factor to who we are. This is why in recent years urban clothing has become such a popular trend. What is Urban Clothing? Urban dresses are rooted in the 1980s, due to the formation of hip-hop. This streetwear consisted of stable sports brands such as Lecoste, Fila, Kangol and Adidas to name a few.

In addition to the hiphop show, it was the break dance. As most of the movements came from the street, the dresses had to be comfortable and show who you were. Most fractures include tennis shoes and training sweatshirts and sweats. Hip hop dress has also shown its prestige and richness. Most rappers such as Big Daddy Kane and LL Cool J wear expensive jewels like heavy gold ropes and even golden teeth. Bomber jackets were another basic hip-hop clothing product.

During the eighties, the style changed more urbanly. Young people wear badges on their neck, often stole the ignorant car. These include Mercedes and VW badges. Instead of hangers, baseball caps are often accustomed to norms in the area where you lived. Bomb jackets and hooded sweaters came. They are often used to hide your identity while denying the wall or the train car. Graffiti, such as Graffiti, has allowed the artist to import his own unique style into an area, often due to the overthrow of officials and the police. To overcome this particular area has been opened to allow the legitimate use of labels, but illegal perception and capture often meant enjoyment behind the label.

The transition to today's times and clothing has a new meaning. Instead of urban clothes, prestige or wealth is all about attitude. It was created with gangsta rappers like Tupac Shakur, Kayne West and Biggy smalls. The dress is now about street, attitude, and shows what it is made of. Urban costumes are still there, but decks are often protected to protect identity, often wearing top of the baseball cap. Although hip-hop fads have changed, the meaning behind them is not yet. The hip hop culture of the city has always shown the way and what it is about and always.

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